Mission in a Changing World

We want to encourage Christians to think about mission in a fresh way. Mission has been changing, and many are questioning the role of mission agencies, some feel that the age of cross-cultural mission from the western nations to other countries has passed.

We recognise this changing situation, but see the huge need for the Church to engage with cross-cultural mission locally, as well as maintaining our vision for sharing the good news about Jesus Christ to the peoples of East Asia. We believe that God’s mission is unchanged.

Part One: This issue sees the first two studies, written by Rose and Dick Dowsett, looking at Acts 16 and 17.

Study One: Guidance and the unexpected
Study Two: Same Gospel, different Culture

Part Two: This issue sees studies three and four, written by David Miller and Ray Porter, looking at Acts 15 and 1 Thessalonians 2 respectively.

Study Three: Culturally minded discipleship
Study Four: Integrity in Ministry

Part Three: This issue sees studies five and six, written by Peter Rowan and Donna Jennings, looking at Habakkuk and Luke 10 respectively.

Study Five: Sent ahead to speak aloud
Study Six: Missional faith in a troubled world

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