Japan Prayer Fuel September 2023

We give thanks that God has carried us through this hot summer and through the spiritual darkness of Obon. As we head into harvest season, please pray with us that God would continue to provide laborers for his harvest and for Christians in Japan to grow and reach out more and more to the people around them. May the living God who made all things would be made known throughout Japan.

From 19-22 September, 1,000 pastors, Japanese Christians and missionaries will gather in Gifu for the seventh Japan Congress on Evangelism. The Field Director will share the Church Planting Strategy Review Report produced earlier this year. Two missionaries will facilitate a workshop on different ways to pray for Japan. Pray that the Congress would be a catalyst for more evangelism in Japan and that there would be good networking, new partnerships formed, and helpful resources shared. May God also increase the vision of Japanese Christians to pray for their nation and give ideas for creative ways to do that.

Serve Asia (short-term program)
Several Serve Asia Workers (SAWs) return to their home countries this month after a period of service in Japan. Pray that they would be able to process well all that they have experienced here, and that God will guide their next steps. Pray too for new SAWs arriving, that they would settle in quickly and have their eyes open for what God has for them in their time in Japan. Some SAWs are coming for the trial of a new internship program. Pray that we can get helpful feedback from this, and for God to show the next steps for this program.

Hiragishi Izumi Church
Give thanks for the hundreds of people the team interacted with at the local summer festival. Pray that they would be led to church, and on to Christ. The church holds an evangelistic family service on the 3rd – pray for many to come. The team also gives thanks for some more young Christians who have come along recently – pray that they will commit to the church. Pray too for two seekers currently doing evangelistic Bible Study, and for the English classes which resume this month.

Kitami Megumi Church
Praise God that the KGK Summer Camp went really well. Pray that the seed sown among the students will take root and start to grow. The “Megumi Matsuri” (festival) was good, although there weren’t as many visitors as had been hoped. The church holds a Chapel Concert on the 30th with a missionary playing. Pray for many visitors and that God will touch their hearts.

Hokuei Christ Church
Give thanks for a seminar which a missionary gave on “Becoming a Good Listener”. Pray that people would put into practice what they learned. The church is holding an evangelistic service on the 10th. Pray that the seekers would make a decision to follow Christ. Pray also for many children to come to the children’s outreach on the 24th.

Maeda House Church Plant
Praise that nine kids from five different families came to Kids Song Circle last month. Pray for ongoing fruit and that the team can continue to build trust with one family in particular. May they be connected with the church plant. The team is planning an event for university students on the 8th and a church camping trip on 16-18th. Pray too for two team members to have opportunities to share God’s word with non-Christian choir members during frequent rehearsals leading up to their Gospel choir concert on Oct. 7th. Pray also that the non-Christian friends they’ve invited will come.

Returnee Ministries
One member of the team has been connected with three new Japanese returnee contacts who seem willing to meet. Pray for good follow up. As things start up again after the summer, pray that returnees would return to the different gatherings and for more returnees to join the online groups. One returnee has started ministry apprenticeship training and another is in Bible study with one of the team members. A new short-term worker will also be joining the team. Pray for good contacts.

Finance & Administration Sector Leader
September and October are budget months. Pray for everyone preparing budgets – for guidance and clarity about their needs in 2024. Give thanks that a volunteer is coming to help and pray for him and the Sector Leader as they review each member’s budget – for discernment, energy, patience protection, and grace. Pray too for the finance team as they try to balance the rest of the finance workload around the budget. Training for our new Finance Manager also starts this month.

Member Care Advisor
The Japan Evangelical Missionary Association is holding spiritual retreats on the 18th in Kanto and on the 23rd in Sendai. Pray for people to join and that that each participant will meet with God in a profound way.

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