Japan Prayer Fuel October 2023

Please pray for OMF leaders, and church and ministry leaders throughout Japan. As you see the foliage change colour, please be reminded of our leaders and pray for their adaptability. As you look at the trees, pray for leaders to be rooted strongly in the love of God.

2023 Field Prayer Focus:
Partnering and unity in the gospel
John 13:35 (ESV): By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. Pray for: 1) John 13:35 to be lived out by the body of Christ in Japan. 2) the love Christians have for one another to lead to greater unity in the gospel. 3) faith and humility to pursue and promote grace-filled gospel partnerships. 4) unity and love as we discuss our church planting strategy. 5) the All Japan Congress on Evangelism (JCE7), which happened in September, to catalyse deeper love for one another, unity, and fresh partnerships across the church in Japan.

Japan Field Director (FD)
The last few months have been full of challenging situations. Pray for: 1. The Lord’s protection on the Field, and for our hearts and minds to be fixed on Him; 2. For His blessings on our ministries – that they will bring Him glory; 3. The Church Planting Strategy Review work to get back on track; 4. Family visits from 4th-24th October.

Finance & Administration Sector Leader
Please pray for the 2024 budget process – for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and that the team will meet the deadline of 13th October. Pray for God’s hand to be on the process of purchasing and registering the land for Hiragishi church, Sapporo.

Hokkaido Sector Leader
Pray for wisdom for the Hokkaido Sector Leader and the leadership team as they seek to support and guide the various ministries of Hokkaido, especially members who are facing difficult ministry changes. May God protect them spiritually and guide them to a deeper trust in him.

Kanto Sector Leader
Pray for networking with pastors who desire to train and empower believers in evangelism and discipleship. Pray for rest and refreshment during the leaders’ upcoming holidays (25th–30th September and 22nd–29th October). Pray for encouragement, renewed perspective, personal growth and insight in leading, at the Leadership Training Course from 16th-20th October.

Personnel Sector Leader
Pray for: (1) wisdom in managing the large number of requests to accommodate people who want to visit, possible long-term candidates and those wanting vision trips; (2) preparations for the ‘Managing Crises Well’ training from 30th October – 1st November, and (3) the writing of weekly devotions on Philippians in Japanese.

Candidate Coordinator
Praise God for time at Project Timothy 4, learning about organisations and the part each person can play. Pray for time to reflect on how to apply the material. Praise God for spiritual refreshment over the past months; please pray for peace and protection for mind and heart, and deep rest.

Member Care Advisor
Please pray for the Member Care Advisor and the Sector Leader for Personnel as they share about member care with members of Japan’s student organisation on 4th October. Please pray for a visit to Sapporo from 5th-11th October, for pastoral care, meetings, orientation for new missionaries and speaking at the OMF ladies’ retreat.

TCK (Third Culture Kid) Advisor Team
Quite a number of our TCKs have been struggling with illness recently. Please pray for them and for their parents, who often need to change plans as a result. Pray for God’s protection on our families.

Tohoku Sector Leader
Give thanks for those who attended the Tohoku Internship Program (TIP) Preview. Pray for wisdom as their suitability is assessed. Pray for the Prayer Journey Team, visiting churches and ministries in Fukushima, Yamagata and Miyagi. Pray for guidance and provision as cooperative partnerships are discussed and prayed about with various churches. Pray for Hanamaki and Izumi Park Town churches’ leadership teams, while their leaders are on home assignment.

Training Sector Leader
Thanks for praying during attendance of an OMF member’s funeral. Pray on for comfort for family, friends, church, and for OMF Taiwan, as they follow up with those who were moved or challenged. Pray for: 1. wisdom and grace in all interactions with members and pastors. 2. the Sector Leadership Team as they reflect and pray together (10th October). 3. Preaching at Hokuei Church (22nd October).

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