Japan Prayer Fuel November 2021

The results of Japan’s parliamentary election  on October 31 will play a crucial role in determining whether the prime minister and his cabinent are able to execute important policies effectively, including COVID impacts, economic stagnation, security issues in the Asia-Pacific, climate change, gender inequality, and the aging population. Please continue to pray for the Japanese government, that they will use the power entrusted to them for the welfare of the Japanese people with  wisdom, justice, and creativity.

Japan Home Council (JHC)

1) Pray for the creation of a Mission newsletter for children. Pray that good ones will be produced and used in many churches. 2) Please pray for a combined mission prayer meeting “Together in Mission” on Nov 23rd. 14 OMF mission prayer groups throughout Japan will get together to have a special prayer mobilization event and virtual prayer walk online. 3) Pray for our colleague’s preparation and leadership in Leader Training Course on Nov 11th. 4) Diaspora Returnees Ministry Field has had its Field Conference online Oct 25th-29th with the theme Unchanging Discipleship in Uncertain Times. Please pray that all attendees will be able to live out what has been learned at the conference.

Personnel Sector Leader

November is quite full with Field Leadership meetings, Field Welcome Group, various visits, church commitments and other things.  Pray that the leader can get everything done in good time.  The leader is also going to help facilitate a rerun of the international crisis management course Dec 29th to Jan 1st with the hope of supporting different centers.


We are grateful for more parents allowed on the Christian Academy in Japan campus with lowered restrictions. It really helps to build community. Please pray for stamina for the staff and students as the days do feel weighty with fewer social activities. Pray for salvation for those who still need it in our community.

Hanamaki Megumi Church

Praise God that a member who had stepped away from fellowship has now started coming to church regularly. Please pray for her to continue coming. We had our second youth meeting at the start of October and a number of the girls expressed interest in Bible study. Please pray that they will come with open hearts as we start something in November. There is a young Mom interested in spiritual things – please pray for her to come to faith. A church teenager is losing interest in church – please pray for her to value fellowship.

Sendai Evangelical Christian Church

We have a lot of people coming to our meetings – please pray that God would raise up seekers. We have multiple events planned for November – please pray that the Lord would use these events to build his church in the southern Sendai area. Beginning November we will be relaxing COVID restrictions – please pray for unity in the decision-making process.

Sendai Student Focus

1) Praise God we could stay connected with students and universities while one of our colleagues is away on home assignment. Pray for more opportunities for outreach. 2) Praise God for a good BBQ in October with students and missionaries.  3) Please pray for wisdom as we plan events for November and December.

YahaBible Network

1) Praise God for the connections we deepened and gained through our colleague’s farewell party 2) Praise God for new Bible study with N. Pray for ongoing openness and understanding of the Bible. 3) Keep praying for mothers doing parenting course and ask God for openness of heart  4) Please keep praying for T and Mr. F for openness as they do English 5) Pray for God to provide co-workers 6) Pray that we will be walking closely with the Holy Spirit.

Kibō (Hope) Network

Please pray for the I family, that the difficulties they are going through will soften their hearts towards Jesus. Husband and wife are struggling with their jobs and with their teenage kids. So far they are happy to receive prayer, but still not sure about Jesus. Please pray for wisdom when we minister to them, and to other contacts around us. Pray that they will turn to Jesus. Praise and pray for the weekly Trauma Recovery Course for OMF colleagues. Pray for conversations with OMF leadership as we plan for home assignment in the spring.

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