Japan Prayer Fuel May 2024

Please pray for perseverance for our missionaries in their daily tasks, and for new believers to press on to understand what it means to follow Christ and not give up. Please also pray for the continued work of the Holy Spirit, so that those who come to church and other groups for the first time, would keep coming back, to hear more about Jesus’ love and plans for them.

Japan Field Director (FD)
Please pray for: 1) the Church Planting Strategy Review Team meeting on 9th May, to review feedback from Members’ Meetings and finalise a proposal for Field Leadership Team (FLT). 2) FLT meets from 29th – 31st May; may the Lord lead. 3) Completion of tasks, ready for handover to Deputy FD. 4) Preparation for Home Assignment.

Kanto Sector Leader
Praise the Lord for He is good! The Kanto Sector Leader is facilitating three sessions of evangelism training (Sowing & Reaping Together) at Matsumigaoka Christ Church (19th May). Pray for: church members to have good conversations, grow in concern for non-Christians around them, be challenged by the Holy Spirit, and respond in faith and obedience. Pray for the facilitators and attendees of the upcoming Multiplying Effective Evangelists & Disciplers (MEED) course in May. Pray that God would grow us all, to better love and minister to the people of Japan.

Harvest International Church, Tokyo
To meet the children’s needs in our growing community, we have begun a youth group. Pray that a good group dynamic will develop. Please also pray for our fathers’ gathering, that men will be encouraged and that their children will connect well with each other.

Meiji Gakuin University
Praise God for the start of a new semester. Our colleague is responsible for 12 new students. Please pray for opportunities to connect, and for unity. Three classmates are on leave of absence for health reasons, and one senior student has just returned after a year, so the dynamic has changed. Pray for hearts to move towards Jesus.

Tokyo Christian University (TCU)
Pray for our colleague as she starts her graduation research project on the Japanese understanding of salvation. Pray that through the research, she would have good conversations with not-yet-believing friends.

Tokyo International Church
A three-day youth camp at the end of March went very well. The messages were well received too. Praise the Lord! Please pray that the six new junior high first-graders who came to the camp, will continue to come to church and youth group. The transition from primary to junior high school brings a huge challenge to children, and some stop coming to church within a year.

YahaBible Network
1) Praise God for the Easter events; how he helped us, and for the people he brought. 2) Pray for wisdom and guidance as we think about how to continue to share the Bible with those who came at Easter. 3) Pray for Bible study with a non-Christian (5th May). Pray for guidance to know how to guide her towards faith. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to her personally. 4) Keep praying for the salvation of two other seekers.

Training Sector Leader
Thank you for praying for fellowship at Kawa no Hotori Church (Christchurch Riverside). Pray for: 1) Time in Sapporo (13th – 18th May), including the Sector Leadership Team meeting (13th May). 2) Preparation, participation, and follow-up for Designation Working Group and Field Leadership Team (29th – 31st May). 3) Growth in kindness and patience.

Japanese Language and Culture Center (JLCC)
Pray for rest and time to recharge for students and teachers at the beginning of May, during the holidays. Pray for the teachers’ meeting (10th May), and the new student-teacher allocation (from 13th May). Pray for readjustment for teachers and students. Pray for our current childcare worker as she has one child in childcare, is tutoring some of the other children, and teaches English at the kindergarten twice a month. Pray that we can hire two part-time teachers this year.

JP Field Ministry Coach
1) Pray for those moving to their training designations. 2) Pray for a review of the Associate Training Track, as we seek to more effectively equip Associates.

Training & Development Coordinator
Please pray for individual training in Home Assignment preparation and partnership development (10th May). Pray for a visit to Tohoku for pastoral visits, to lead a retreat and leading two team-building sessions. (23rd – 27th May).

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