Japan Prayer Fuel May 2022

We are excited to welcome new colleagues and Serve Asia workers who have waited a long time in a lot of uncertainty to come to Japan. Please pray with us for their transitions as they start their placements, language schools and settle into life in Japan. Pray with us for their emotional, physical, and spiritual adjustments, and good communication with their leaders and mentors.

Japanese Language and Culture Center (JLCC)                            

We’re thankful that our long-expected new workers arrived in April; pray for them in the excitement and stress of adjusting to a new culture, and learning Japanese. Pray for a restful Golden Week holiday for staff and students. Pray for recent JLCC graduates who are transitioning to ministry placements. Pray for colleagues who will transition into the New Worker Supervisors role, while caring for their two young children. Please pray that every one of our new colleagues would make (and feel like they are making) progress in language learning.

Training Sector Leader

Pray for: 1. Preparation/delivery of an online seminar on singleness (3rd May). 2. Conversations with pastors/team leaders to facilitate training designations for the nine people leaving JLCC this year. 3. Wisdom in considering capacity to welcome and support those who want to join the field over the next few months and years.

Training & Development Coordinator

Please pray for this member’s Bible message for the OMF Honshu Conference. Pray also for inspiration, guidance and preparation for Japan’s Orientation Course (OC) Part B in September.

TCK Advisor Team

Please continue to pray for the children who have just arrived on the field with their parents as they settle into Japan and get used to life here, and to new schools. Pray for new colleagues who are taking up the role of TCK support in Tohoku and Hokkaido.  Pray for a good solution to providing support in Kanto.

Member Care Advisor

Please pray for: 1) all the preparations for the OMF Honshu Conference from 19th-21st May; for God’s inspiration for all the speakers, worship leaders, Focus Group leaders and children’s workers, and for His blessing on our time together. 2) Pray for OMF Japan’s Fellowship Groups to grow in depth of fellowship and support of one another.

Returnee Ministries

1) Pray for a number of returnees looking for churches, mainly Christians but also one seeker, that they will quickly decide and settle. The team is starting to get a few new returnees, pray for good connections. Pray for the five Christians and 12 non-Christians receiving a daily Bible passage and reflection from our colleague. 2) We have a range of spiritual interest, English ability, and regularity amongst the Tuesday morning mothers. Two are engaging deeply and asking great questions. Pray for follow-up for a core member who is starting work again. Our colleague’s New Zealand returnees group is on hold, as two of the three start their working careers. 3) Praise God for a new connection with R who has started coming along to church. She’s a Christian, but hasn’t been to church in a while. Pray for opportunities to meet and read the Bible together.

Nakayoshi Church

Prayers appreciated for the Sidewalk Chapel as they go through leadership changes. Pray also that they may be able to find enough volunteers to help and to preach. Nakayoshi has a mini outreach concert in June; pray for preparations.

Kasukabe Evangelical Free Church

English classes have started and it is an adjustment for both new and returning students. Please pray for the church, the students and the OMF member who is teaching, and the church, as they continue to use the English Language Club ministry for sharing the gospel.

Hokkaido Bible Institute (HBI)

HBI’s 58th entrance ceremony took place on 9th April. In the end six new students enrolled – two in the 3-year program and four started the one-year believers’ course. OMF played a significant role in the lives of three of them! One member is teaching OT Hermeneutics and OT Theology in his last term and has three chapel messages lined up. Please pray for: (a) suitable successor(s) for this member’s 5 OT courses and the biblical spirituality course he co-teaches with his wife.


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