Japan Prayer Fuel March 2023

Please pray for   OMF Members’ Meetings this month: Kanto (6th March), Hokkaido (16th March), Tohoku (27th March), and the Lord’s leading in our discussions about the Church Planting Strategy Review (CPSR). Please pray for the CPSR Committee working on the next stage. Please also continue to pray for Field Conference preparations.

Hokkaido Sector Leader

Please pray for a smooth handover to the Deputy Hokkaido Sector Leader, and preparations  for the current leader’s home assignment. Pray for a new colleague as she joins the Sector Leadership Team (SLT) and for the changes in SLT. Praise God that 16 people (8 newcomers) joined an evangelistic event last month at the Hokkaido Sector Leader’s church. Most newcomers also connected with church members who attended.


Pray for refreshment as the COEN leaders have a week’s holiday, and for stamina for COEN’s founders who are stepping in to help cover. Pray for fruitful connections. Continue to pray for the healing of two Bible Community members who are working through past trauma in their lives.

fmZERO & KGK (Student Work)

The team has a Serve Asia Worker coming from Australia to help for a year. Please pray she will settle in well. 2 Two fmZERO colleagues plan to attend the KGK (Christian students) Hokkaido spring camp, where one will lead a prayer walking workshop. Please pray that this will be a blessing. Pray for the fmZERO team to walk in unity with one another and with the Lord. Lastly, please pray that students in Sapporo might come to know and love the Lord.

Hiragishi Izumi

Please pray for the church to grow in faith, love, hope and evangelistic zeal, and for the salvation of many! The church has an all-age evangelistic service on the 5th March, AGM on the 19th March and a church meal (the first since COVID-19) on the 26th March. One colleague preaches each week, while two other colleagues teach Sunday school. Please pray for those who are not coming on Sundays, those in poor health, and for the Lord to deepen unity through many upcoming changes.

Kibō (Hope) Network

Please pray for the team to live in the unforced rhythms of grace as a family, and to live ‘loved’ in such a way that people will become envious and ask where it comes from. Praise the Lord for the family who are keen to start an 8-part series of Bible storying times with the team this month. Our colleague is also leading a skateboard short term team to Fukuoka, Yokohama, Matsudo and Niseko – please pray for safety and salvation.

Maeda House Church Plant

Praise God that one not-yet-baptised seeker is persevering in Bible study, despite adversity. Pray that he will make the most of opportunities to share with his family. Give thanks for the joy that one non-Christian mum is finding in weekly Bible study, and for how she always discusses the week’s Bible story with her family. Pray for effective communication and deeper relationships.

Nagayama Church, Asahikawa

Please pray for: 1) Four teens at the church to have faith; 2) opportunities to meet and build relationships with Asahikawa university students; 3) salvation of seekers; 4) Kids “E Club” (English outreach program); 5) our colleague’s eyes (glaucoma).

Nayoro Grace Church

The prayer meeting for Nayoro will be held on 1st March.  This is a time when JECA churches are invited to pray for gospel work in Nayoro and the surrounding areas of Northern Hokkaido. Please pray that more churches will join. Pray that God will lead the church to more opportunities in local events/activities where members can build relationship with local people.

Sapporo Minami Church

Thank God for His amazing guidance for the new project in conjuntion with the church. Pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen our our colleagues and their partners, giving them wisdom and sufficient provision to start the project in the coming days, and faith to see the harvest.

Sorachi Project (Satsunae Lighthouse Church)

Pray for our colleagues’ home assignment (17th March – 16th June) and their preparations for it, for smooth travel and good transition. Four people plan to receive baptism at Easter; please pray for their preparations with the pastor.


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