Japan Prayer Fuel June 2024

Grace Community Church, Hokkaido
Our colleague asks prayer for: 1) A close walk with God, and to use time wisely. 2) Getting to know people at the church. 3) Discernment about how to serve the church and boldness to do it. 4) Mutually encouraging friendships in Sapporo.

Sorachi Project (Satsunae Lighthouse Church), Hokkaido
Give thanks for the baptisms of a mother and son at Sunagawa Church, and for Christian families moving back to the Sorachi area and reconnecting with churches. After many years’ break, the four JECA (Japan Evangelical Church Association) churches in Sorachi will hold a joint worship service on 30th June. Our colleagues give thanks for the encouragement of opportunities given and needs met, and that new missionaries preached and received hospitality at Mikasa and Sunagawa churches. Praise God for the Gospel ‘rakugo’ (comic storytelling) event at the Lighthouse Church, attended by 20 non-Christians.

Hatogaya Evangelical Free Church (Greater Tokyo)
Please pray that many new people will come and get connected to the church, through the summer music concert. Our colleagues ask prayer for a Japanese friend who is thinking about baptism, but facing pressure from family. Pray that God will lead and provide all that is needed for a church plant in Urawa Misono.

Jōsui Megumi Church, Tokyo
Pray that members of a new discipleship group will grow in faith and boldness. Pray for OMF missionaries to communicate effectively, while walking alongside members. Pray as one missionary engages with a seeker, with questions from her own Bible reading. Pray for the missionary family to reflect and process well at the Orientation Course Reunion in Singapore (12th-19th June), and for their children’s adjustment to summer break.

Matsumigaoka Christ Church, Tokyo
Pray for two colleagues, as they prepare to leave Tokyo. Thank the Lord for what the He has taught and for the connections forged! Pray that these missionaries would leave Japan in a loving and thoughtful way. Please pray for energy and mental capacity for farewell speeches and interviews in Japanese, in the midst of tiredness and transition. Pray for Returnees to settle in a Christian fellowship, and to grow closer to Jesus. Please pray for healing for one colleague who has a hip injury, which is causing ongoing limitations.

Returnee Ministries (Greater Tokyo)
Give thanks that more Returnees are coming to the Returnee Café, and pray for the “Down Under” event (8th June). Please pray that people will come to the showing of the film “Courageous” (13th & 22nd June), and for meaningful discussion. A third “Next Steps” event for seekers is on 29th June; pray people will turn to Christ. Pray for meaningful evangelism/discipleship opportunities with Returnee men, especially at men’s events, and for wisdom in writing daily Bible devotions. Pray that those who struggle to live in Japanese society would desire to belong to God’s family. Give thanks for those who have joined the new online evangelism course. Pray they share in discussion times, and for God to shine his light on their thoughts/questions regarding Christianity.

OMF Japan Homeside Center
1) One missionary visits their sending church and attends a retreat from 3rd-23rd June. Pray for good relationships with supporters and refreshment. 2) Pray also for healing for their family. June is a busy month, with Japan Home Council (11th June), preaching and leading a mission seminar at Kiyose Baptist Church (16th June), Mizo Kids’ meeting (22nd June), preaching at the Tokyo Myanmar church (23rd June), and preaching at the Chapel of Adoration (30th June). Please pray for good preparation, and for God’s anointing and strength. Praise God that the family who hold the copyright of a bilingual Vietnamese/Japanese tract has given permission for it to be used; pray also for permission to be received in writing.

Friends of OMF
Please pray for the many ‘Friends of OMF’ to have an impact for Christ, wherever the Lord has called them. Pray particularly for those preaching in Asahikawa (16th June), and Sapporo International Church’s English worship (23rd June). Pray also for another ‘Friend of OMF’ whose church small groups began well; pray for the momentum to continue. Pray that new group leaders will grow in maturity, lead well and become pillars of the church. Pray for the conversion of an Afghan refugee visiting Japan.

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