Japan Prayer Fuel June 2023

Discipleship is a long and necessary road for new believers and old.
This month please pray for God’s intervention in our discipling and discipleship.

Nagayama Church, Asahikawa
Please pray for: 1) wisdom and guidance in leading Bible studies; 2) Attendees and friends to come to faith in the Saviour; 3) All believers to grow in faith; 4) Youth Bible study, that many young people will come and believe in Him; 5) opportunities to meet and build relationships with Asahikawa university students.

Kanto Sector Leader
From June we will launch geographic fellowship groups in Kanto. Please pray these would lead to deeper and richer fellowship between Kanto members. Please also pray for a smooth handover of the leadership role in the Kanto Sector.

Church Planting Facilitator
Please pray that opportunities to train Nakayoshi Church members in evangelism and discipleship will result in strong lay leaders.
LoveJapan: Pray for two church planting collaborations between Japanese and Singaporean churches, which have begun, and for fruitful discussions and visits from Singaporean churches. ACTI: pray for the Mandarin speaking chapter of cross-cultural training to be finalised soon.

Returnee Ministries Team
Pray for our returnee film event on 10th June, and for good times with supporters, churches and Jap-anese. Praise for the reunion in Tokyo in May of the One Voice Global Prayer Network and for in-creased cooperation between Japanese Christians worldwide. Pray that those participating in online Bible classes would come to a living faith.
Praise God for an encouraging time at the Sydney Japanese Evangelical Church returnees reunion; pray for follow up with various returnees. Pray for one woman in apprenticeship training, particular-ly as she starts Bible studies with a high-schooler from church. Praise for new connections with re-turnees and networking among missionaries at Global Returnees Conference. Pray for ongoing communication and cooperation with those work-ing with Japanese diaspora overseas.

Personnel Sector Leader
Pray for good preparation time with the OMF Japan Field Conference childcare team from 17-18th June at Jozankei. Pray the children all have a fun, safe time at conference. Pray for planning for a new mums’ and baby outreach at church, which we hope to start in July.

TCK (Third Culture Kid) Advisor Team
Please pray that Field Conference would help TCKs to create new, and strengthen existing, friendships, and be a time of spiritual growth. Pray especially for those who don’t have good English/Japanese yet. Please pray for God’s guidance for those graduating school and university.

Tohoku Sector Leader
Pray for a survey trip to 10 churches in Akita, Yamagata and Fukushima, to explore partnerships for the future. With many missionaries going on Home Assignment, pray that church members will be enabled and that churches flourish.

YahaBible Network
1) Please pray for us to draw strength and power from prayer and God’s truth. 2) Pray for spiritual discernment, knowing who to pursue and follow-up. 3) Pray against the fear of man and for God’s Spirit of power, love and self-control, to rule over team relationships. 4) Praise God for revealing his truth to seekers as they engage with the Bible. Please pray for their salvation. 5) Pray for those tormented by evil spirits to find freedom in Jesus. 6) Praise God for giving friendship to one individual with their neighbour, and pray for her Japanese studies and witness. 7) Pray for us to love and serve the team and others like Jesus.

Japan Field Conference
OMF Japan Field Conference is from 19th-23rd June, and it’s the first time for many new colleagues. Pray that they will enjoy the wider fellowship. Pray for God-given opportunities to learn, enjoy fellowship and worship the Lord together. Please pray for all those who have taken on responsibilities for conference, in addition to their usual roles so that the event can run smoothly, from tech teams, speakers, worship and workshop leaders in their preparations, childcare teams, and those organising accommodation, transport and everything in between.

Bible Church Shin Sapporo
Praise God for good opportunities for our missionaries as they work with the church and get to know co-workers in the Japan Alliance denomination. A mission team coming from America (12th-17th June) will teach English; and another team from Korea in the last week of June. Please pray for safe travels, good cooperation, and that through these efforts many would have a chance to get connected to church and hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

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