Japan Prayer Fuel July 2023

The summer months provide various opportunities for outreach, Please pray with us for many to hear the gospel. This month also sees transitions in many of our ministries. Pray for God’s protection and leading.

As well as student ministry, one missionary is leading prayer walking workshops at three different churches this month. Please pray they will be a blessing and bear lasting fruit. As this missionary leaves Japan, please pray she will say goodbye well, and lean on God in the upcoming transitions. The fmZERO team are preparing a German BBQ on 8th July. Please pray for full-time missionaries to join the fmZERO team and for wisdom in the meantime. Pray that many students in Sapporo might come to know and love the Lord.

Hiragishi Izumi
The church is in the process of buying land! Give thanks to the Lord for his provision thus far and pray that he would provide the money to build! Numbers at the Fathers’ Day event and our first evening service were lower than hoped, but please pray for those who came. On 2nd July, the church holds an outdoor service and picnic. Pray especially for people to come and be saved! Pray too for the team as they have many preaching and teaching engagements this month.

Kibō (Hope) Network
Praise for two families who are persisting in Bible storying with the missionaries. Please keep praying for these families, that the Holy Spirit will guide them into truth. Pray also for one man who shared openly in front of other men from the neighbourhood. He finds discussing Jesus’ life giving and looks forward to more meaningful BBQ conversations during summer. Pray for him as he navigates an influential role in the neighbourhood. Pray that the missionaries’ lives will reflect Jesus, drawing others to the Living Water, with their saltiness causing people to thirst for Him.

Maeda House Church Plant
July will be a busy month for neighbourhood social engagements (community clean up and picnic, barbecue at the house, etc.). Pray that the missionaries will make the most of every opportunity to share the gospel. Weekly seeker-Bible studies continue. Pray for the Lord to grant faith and deepening understanding. Pray for the short-term worker as she continues to build and strengthen relationships locally, and as her Japanese ability improves. The summer session of Kids Song Circle will take place on 31st July-4th August. Pray that the kids who come will learn to praise the Lord, and that the missionaries can connect with their families, too.

Tsuzuki-Ku, Yokohama
Thank God for his work in people the missionaries meet. Praise God for a new building for the church, with a large worship area and space for activities. The missionaries are joining in summer running training (3rd and 24th July). Pray that they can make contacts there and for God’s guidance in decisions, and a close walk with Him each day.

Hanamaki Megumi
Praise God that the weekly Kid’s English group now has a handful of regulars who hear the gospel every week. The short-term worker left at the end of June but has built good relationships with her English students. Pray for these students to continue to engage well with the Bible. At the end of June, the team welcomed a mission team from Tokyo. Please pray that all those who heard the gospel through door-to-door evangelism and various outreach events would believe. Recently, the missionaries have had good opportunities to meet high-school students, and some came to the worship service. Pray for the door to the gospel to remain open. The senior missionaries go on Home Assignment in mid-July. Pray for good rest and a good time reconnecting with supporters and family. The rest of the team will have some increased responsibilities, so pray for grace and perseverance for them.

Hirosaki Nozomi
Pray for special meetings during the visit of ex-missionary colleagues from 7th-12th July. Pray for a good overnight camp from 21st-22nd July, with children from the English class. Everyone is looking forward to a special music weekend with from 28th-30th July. Four seekers attend worship weekly and are believing but are hesitating to take the step of baptism. Pray for good fellowship with the 35 visitors coming from overseas to visit the ministry and us during July.

A beloved sister in Christ and co-worker at COEN Life died in a bus accident on 18th June. Leaders and team members attended her funeral on the 20th and the COEN Bible Community will hold a memorial service on Sunday 9th July. Many COEN English students and Café regulars plan to come, so please pray that the light of Christ which she always exuded, will shine all the more brightly in these dark days of mourning. Pray that her family members would embrace the Jesus they saw in her. Pray that Jesus would show COEN leaders what the future of COEN should be.

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