Japan Prayer Fuel February 2022

Japan is currently experiencing its largest ever surge of covid cases as the omicron variant spreads across the country. 34 of the 47 prefectures are currently under quasi-State of Emergency restrictions. Pray for wisdom for the government, and church and ministry leaders.

Church Planting Strategy Review

As we pray for new church plants, we are also reviewing our church planting strategy, learning lessons from the past and from other church planters.  This month the review team is reading key church planting literature.  Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s leading.

Serve Japan (short-term programme)

The Serve Japan team is hosting a virtual event “Meet a Missionary” on 19 February.  Pray that many people who are interested in serving in Japan will take part and find it helpful to hear about the joys and challenges of serving here.  Pray too for the short-term workers who are hoping to come and serve in Japan for a year but are waiting for the borders to open.

Social Media Team

Our social media team posts regularly on Facebook and Instagram to help people know about the needs in Japan and the opportunities to serve here. The team is in transition with one main member leaving and a couple of new members joining on a very part-time basis. Pray for new ideas from the new members and that God would use the content for his glory and to mobilise many to greater involvement in mission.

Japanese Language and Culture Center (JLCC)

Our team at JLCC is also going through transition as the current New Worker Supervisors (NWSs) prepare to retire in May, and our new NWSs return from Home Assignment this month.  Pray for a smooth handover over the next couple of months.

TCK Advisor Team

Our TCK (third culture kid) advisor stepped down at the end of 2021 as she prepares for retirement after 39 years in Japan.  Give thanks for her faithful and loving service to our families and to the church in Japan, and pray for the team of missionary Mums who are helping to look after our families until we have a new Advisor.  May each of our TCKs know that they are loved and valued.

Counselling Ministries

Please pray for the member involved in counselling, for (1) the Lord’s work of healing, restoration, and growth upon each counsellee; (2) her preparation for sharing on missional mental care in Japan at her sending church in Singapore (on Zoom) on 20 th February, and the CSK (middle-schoolers Bible club organisation) training seminar on “Listening to the youth” on 5 March.  Pray for another member who is sitting entrance exams for University this month to be able to qualify as a counsellor in Japan.

Hirosaki Nozomi

The team enjoyed the winter break but now it’s back to full schedule. Pray for the Bible time at each meeting with people. Pray for 3 ladies who are believing but are trying to navigate church attendance and baptism questions with family. Pray for the 5 adults and 10 children who aren’t Christians yet but attend worship each week. Pray for the Valentine Meal event on Feb 12.

Returnee Ministries

Pray for continued protection of this ministry. Numbers at events are down a little, and many of the one-to-one studies have also been cancelled lately. Pray for people to have the interest and freedom in their schedules to continue. The team has wound up one Saturday evening, giving them an open prime-time slot.  Pray for wisdom as to how to use it.

New Hope Yokohama

Two members decided to do a bilingual Bible study on Zoom about the book of Galatians as a follow up from Alpha. To their surprise more than 40 people signed up for it. They did the first session but feel they still need to improve quite a bit since doing a bilingual Bible Study on Zoom with so many people is quite challenging. Pray for wisdom and that people will grow in their faith through that study and through the fellowship.

fmZERO & KGK (student ministry)

Praise God for sustaining the team through another academic year.  Several non-believing students have either started attending church or are preparing for baptism.  Pray for deepened conviction and faith.  Pray that relationships with students continue to develop in this quieter month, and for opportunities for deeper conversations on faith and life.  Pray for God’s guidance for the next academic year as we anticipate more in-person activities.  Pray also for good rest, refreshment and renewal of vision.

(Photo by Jérémy Stenuit on Unsplash)


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