Japan Prayer Fuel December 2021

The first snowfall, Christmas carols ringing in department stores, special illumination festivals and Christmas events, students preparing for entrance exams – Japan enters the last month of 2021. For churches across the island, December is a busy month of Christmas preparation and events. Please pray with us in asking the Holy Spirit to remove barriers to faith in Jesus Christ, to soften hardened hearts, and to continue His work of healing and comforting for those who have been beaten down by the pandemic and in search of hope through His people this month.

Ichikawa Guest Home

We were getting ready for several new members coming to Japan and quarantining in the Guest Home.  However, the borders have now closed to new entries again because of the Omicron variant.  Please pray for those affected who have had their plans changed at the last minute and that we can be ready to receive them whenever the borders open again.

Japanese Language and Culture Center (JLCC)    

1) Please pray for JLCC to run smoothly while the leaders are away until January.  2) Pray for the Christmas Chapel at JLCC on 23rd and participation in church Christmas events and outreach. 3) Pray for a safe and refreshing Christmas/New Year break for our students and staff. 4) Pray that every one of our new colleagues would make (and feel like they are making) progress in language learning.

JP Field Ministry Coach

1) Give thanks for a successful trial of the JLCC Transitional Coaching package. 2) Continue to pray for those receiving coaching in different ways, that they will continue to see God at work.

Serve Japan  

We hope that several Short Term Workers (SAW) canenter Japan in the new year if the borders reopen again. Pray that they can get in and for good connection with the ministries they will serve with. Pray that God will supply all that’s needed for their year term in Japan. Pray for a SAW as she finishes up her time at Café Coen and returns home in early 2022. Pray for our Serve Japan colleagues to have good times of rest and refreshment during the winter break, and to have energy and wisdom as they enter 2022. Pray for wisdom as we think about opportunities and mobilization events for the new year.

Training Sector Leader

Praise the Lord, the Sector Leader found a flat after returning from Home Assignment.  Please pray for: 1) New routines and relationships to be established as she transitions to Sapporo. 2) Continuing to reconnect with Training Sector members. 3) JLCC’s smooth running with the leaders away.  4) The Lord’s timing and preparations for welcoming and settling new members.

Social Media Team

Social media: Praise God our social media posts are being seen by thousands each month. Our posts are going to people we might never meet: e.g. we were contacted by a Mexican lady in the Dominican Republic who asked “How can I become a missionary?” Pray we’ll have wisdom for the upcoming months with various team changes and challenges.

Japan Harvest: praise that many wanted to write about “Rest” for the Spring issue. Pray that we will edit their submissions well.

Kanto Sector Leader

Please pray for the many people who will be going through the church doors this Christmas. Pray they would hear the Gospel, grow in interest and continue seeking Jesus as we start the new year!  Pray for Kanto missionaries to have strength and wisdom as they continue to reach out to the many here in Kanto.

Finance & Administration Sector Leader

We will begin the 2021 financial year-end process – pray for all members submitting their expense claims, and for the Finance Team as we work to tie up loose ends. The Finance Committee is working on Holiday Homes policy –pray for wisdom and revelation. Pray for a refreshing break for the Finance Team over the Christmas/New Year period. Finally, spend some time praising the Lord for His bountiful provision in 2021 (and pray for this to continue into 2022).

Thank you for all your prayers for us and the people of Japan this year.  We wish you a Happy Christmas and hope that you will continue to journey with us in 2022.

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