Japan Prayer Fuel August 2023

Summer brings both ministry opportunities and vacation. Please pray for OMF Japan leaders and missionaries to know God’s encouragement in ministry and refreshment on holiday. Pray also for protection from illness and heatstroke during this very hot season.

Sorachi Project
Give thanks for the opportunities two Serve Asia Workers are having. They share their testimonies at Sorachi partner churches in Bibai (30th July), Sunagawa (6th August), Mikasa (13th August), Takikawa (20th August) and Bibai (27th August). May it be an encouragement to the churches and the short-termers themselves. Pray that the missionaries can get to know the churches better and build on friendships during visits with Sorachi partner churches.

Kanto Sector Leader
All thanks to God for His sustaining grace each day! Please pray for good networking that will yield new, fruitful partnerships with churches in Kanto. Pray for opportunities to come alongside Japanese churches to help equip them for impacting their community with the gospel. Pray for all the missionaries in Kanto to know joy in Christ, and be fruitful in ministry to the glory of God. Pray for wisdom for the Kanto Sector leader in order to serve and love everyone well.

Tohoku Sector Leader
Pray for the Tohoku Sector Leader providing encouragement to the deacons/elders’ boards of Izumi Park Town and Hanamaki Churches. The Sector Leader also attends staff meetings in Hanamaki every two weeks. Pray that these churches and other OMF-directed ministries would thrive over the summer. Pray that the churches in Tohoku would be revitalised and see growth.

Serve Japan – Tohoku
Please pray for good transitions for those serving over summer, and that Serve Asia Workers would be well supported. Please pray for three prayer journeys planned for the rest of the year, and for wisdom in making contact with pastors in Akita, Yamagata, and Fukushima. Pray for a restful vacation before ramping up for autumn, and for one member’s recovery from surgery.

Sendai Evangelical Christian Church
Please pray for the clear conversion of an elderly lady who professed faith. Pray that the baptism of two boys will lead to their growth and spiritual blessing. Pray for the team to reach the lost in our area and for God’s guidance and strength.

Sendai Student Focus (SSF)
It’s summer vacation for university students! Some return to their hometowns to be with families. Other students are leaving for two weeks to six months of school abroad, while others are staying in Sendai because they can’t afford to travel. May they know Christ wherever they are.

Training Sector Leader
Pray for the Training Sector leader as they preach at Hiragishi Izumi (13th August), and prepare to facilitate a training course for missionaries in September. Pray for diligence in supporting new missionaries as they make ministry visits, and in deciding future ministry designations. Pray also for new missionaries studying Japanese in Kanto. Please pray that the Sector Leader can enjoy the slower pace of summer and find refreshment.

Japanese Language and Culture Center (JLCC)
Five new members and two children arrive at JLCC in August. Please pray that they would settle and transition well. Another family moves to Kanto and begins online classes. Please pray for them to make a good transition, and as they continue their studies. One couple makes a ministry visit in August, so please pray for God’s leading for them. Pray for enjoyable vacations for everyone. During the children’s summer break, we will try to provide childcare for some more children at the OMF Hokkaido Center. Pray for our short-term workers and helpers, and our children at JLCC. Pray that new colleagues would make (and feel like they are making) progress in language learning.

Training & Development Coordinator
OMF training course, ‘Project Timothy 4 – Journey with the Fellowship’ will be held from 11th-15th September, with 10 participants and 3 facilitators. Pray for the preparations still needed, including food and accommodation. The new OMF-wide online learning platform is almost ready to start; please pray for training this month.

Japan Homeside Center (JHC)
One colleague’s mother is undergoing chemotherapy until September. Please pray for her recovery and salvation. On 8th August, this member speaks at the women’s group at Nagoya Ichibaku Church. Pray for these preparations and for God’s blessing. Another colleague will be attending the Candidate Coordinators’ Consultation from 22nd – 25th August. Please pray for meaningful discussions, good fellowship and stamina. Please also pray for one colleague’s sister as she has started living with her mother, because she lost her husband in February. Pray for mutual adjustment.

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