9 Blessings for Thailand prayer guide

“Thailand is a country where for many years we have not seen much breakthrough, but now we sense God at work. It is amazing to see a number of Thais not only coming to honour Jesus but actually leading other Thais to faith. I’ve witnessed 800 young Thai believers meeting together for a day of prayer to see movements like these beginning.”

– OMF Worker in Thailand.

God is moving in Thailand like never before, but the Thai people are still one of the least evangelised in the world. Breakthrough will only come by prayer and the power of God.

Nine Blessings for Thailand

Nine is the auspicious, lucky number for the Thai. They like it in their house numbers, in their phone number, on their license plates and even on their shirtsleeves. The number is believed to bring luck, prosperity, peace and freedom. We pray that the Thai people would come to know Jesus, the giver of true life and freedom.


Thailand means “land of the free,”. May Thai people come to know the liberty that Christ gives from sin and death.

  • Pray that Thai people would know the freedom that Christ brings.
  • Ask God to equip churches to help people to help people toward the freedom Christ has bought for them.
  • Ask God to free addicts of all kinds: drug, alcohol, gambling, and sex.


May God bless the Thai with righteousness. In the past some leaders felt they were above the law, but this is slowly changing in Thailand. May the thousands of people involved in Thai government do what is right and just.

  • Pray that the Thai rulers will govern justly and for the benefit of the whole country.
  • Pray that genuine religious freedom in Thailand would continue.
  • Ask God to give Thai Police and Military Christian Fellowship integrity and boldness to live and speak for Christ.

May the lord bless the Thai people with contentment. Money often seems to be the only measure of success, and to make money is the sole aspiration and justification for any action in many Thai lives.

  • Ask God to free Thai Christians from the love of money.
  • Ask God to help new Christians break sinful habits and addictions.
  • Pray for Thai who have travelled abroad to make money, particularly in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, the UK and the USA; that they would hear the gospel and bring it home.


May the blessing of the rule of the king of kings be established in Thailand. The Thai love their king and appreciate his rule. May they come to see the greater benefits that the rule of the king of kings can bring to them.

  • Pray for the king and his family to enjoy good health and wellbeing.
  • Pray for the king in his role as protector of all religions in Thailand.
  • Pray for the country’s unity, and the influence the king has in maintaining this.

May the truth of God become clear. A Thai proverb says, “The truth never dies, but the one who speaks the truth must die.” May the Thai come to see how this was fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus, who is the Truth.

  • Pray for the gospel to be communicated imaginatively.
  • Pray that TV and radio programmes will bring people to Christ in areas where there are no churches.
  • Ask God for effective student ministry across all of Thailand’s technical and vocational colleges and universities.


May the grace of God come to and through the church. May the Thai church live the Christian life passionately and contagiously. May they be full of grace upon grace from God. May this grace be seen in how they love, accept, forgive and forbear with others.

  • Give thanks for the growth of new churches in Thailand.
  • Pray that these new churches will become reproducing churches.
  • Ask God to give Thai Christians from ethnic minorities a burden to reach the Thai majority.


May the love of God be poured into every heart. Thai society is similar to many societies; there are a great many broken people. May God’s love touch the hearts of mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.

  • Pray for God’s love to heal the hearts of families broken apart by adultery.
  • Ask God to help Christians share his love with prisoners.
  • Pray that those involved in ministry to orphans would be good role models of love and integrity.


May the light of Christ enlighten the hearts of the Thai people.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to truly enlighten the Thai people.
  • Ask Christ to shine his light on the Thai people.
  • Ask God to equip Thai Christians so they can communicate the gospel in ways that are appropriate to those they are reaching.


May the abundant life of Christ come to Thailand. About 60 percent of Thai people make their living in agriculture. May they come to know the source of life and receive the abundant life that Christ offers them.

  • Ask God for opportunities in rural Thai communities that are as yet unreached.
  • Pray that NGOs will have integrity and compassion as they work and that they will model a vibrant, life-giving faith.

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