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Reaching the Visayan People

Did you know?

The largest demographic group in the Philippines is composed of the 22 million Visayan people, spread across the central region of the Philippines. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, traditional animism was mixed with Catholicism. Today around 98% of Visayans are folk Catholics. Philippines wide, 30 million people live in communities without an evangelical church.

Telling the Story

Ryan and Belinda load Bibles, chronological Bible storying pictures, tools and motorcycle spare parts into their truck. The island they arrive at has a poor economy, very little infrastructure, and is in the path of typhoons. Hundreds of communities lack an evangelical church.

During Ryan and Belinda’s journey they cross the longest bridge in the country. Upon reaching a village, Ryan walks to the basketball court. He pulls out a stack of Bible storying pictures and asks the men who have gathered there what they remember of the stories, before telling them the next in the series. Afterwards he teaches them basic motorcycle maintenance.

Belinda teams up with two young believers and they drive to another neighbourhood, gathering a crowd eager to know God. One of the young believers tells a Bible story, then leads the group in a discussion of the truths from the story.

Will you pray for the Philippines?

  • Pray for evangelical churches in the Philippines to embrace creative strategies, such as Chronological Bible Storytelling in establishing communities of faith.

  • Pray for spiritual hunger and openness to linger in the hearts of people who identify as Christians yet do not know God’s story.

  • Pray for skilled cross-cultural workers to tell God’s story.

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