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Reaching the Unreached-Through Teaching

Reaching unreached peoples with the good news involves a long term commitment, often living in remote and challenging areas.  For families, creative ways of providing education are needed.  One solution is the East Asia Modular School, where Middle and High School students travel (often long distances) to attend an intensive school program for one week each month, spending the rest of the month at home.  One teacher at the Modular School reflects on her role:

“Why do I teach TCKs rather than working directly with the unreached?

 My focus on the unreached is the same, but through my teaching:

A people group will soon have the New Testament in their own language for the first time. 

After working on a New Testament translation for the past 17 years, the mother of one of our students is finishing up details so that the book can be printed and distributed to a people group about four hours away.  She and her husband will continue to work on translation of Old Testament books as well as work on literacy, using a written script the father of my student has developed.

New workers have a phrase book and culture handbook in a minority language.

The mother of another of my students has just published a phrase book in the minority language they work with, so that other workers will have insight into the language and culture and be more effective.  After working in the area for around fifteen years, they have a lot of wisdom to share.  They continue to provide support for locals in translation work so that more people can read the Word in their own native language.

A teenage TCK is helped with loneliness and depression

Another of our students flies in from a remote area of a neighbouring country every month, where her parents are working to engage a people group.  Both our student and her mom struggle with loneliness, as their co-workers left recently, and now they have little fellowship.  It was so nice to see my student going from a hunched over, lethargic state to being a happy teenager who couldn’t help but dance as she shared snacks and interacted with the other girls.

Countless parents have told me that coming to the Modular School is like charging up their kids’ social batteries which slowly empty at home.  Many are very lonely in the remote areas that they live, and without the Modular School would have very little social interaction with children their own age.  For many families, I truly believe that without us they would feel their only option would be to return to their home countries and leave the work to which they’ve been committed and invested so much.”

Please pray for these families, for emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health, for strong family relationships and for real friendships for the kids and the parents.  Please also pray for East Asia Modular School, that God would continue to provide teachers, host parents, administrators and IT support, and a building to rent for the school.


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