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Rattanakiri is a province in North East Cambodia and is home to four minority groups; Jarai, Tampuan, Krung and Broa.  Many of those living in Ratanakiri are deprived of basic education and even today 50% of its inhabitants remain illiterate. But for many years now, even the remotest villages have enjoyed listening to FM radio broadcasts, both on cell phones and on battery powered radios. Unfortunately, most radio programs in the Rattanakiri region continue to be broadcast in Khmer rather than in the local minority languages.

Since the 1990’s, for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship among the minorities, missionaries in Rattanakiri have been hoping to establish a daily radio broadcast in the local languages with Christian content. Now that dream is finally being realised as OMF members  have just completed an initial round of training with 2 Radio Broadcast Producers (from the Jarai and Krung people groups) and 1 Administrator (Khmer). Initially the broadcast will use existing audio recordings of scripture, worship and Bible stories, but in the future they hope to also include local interviews and discussions. Once several months’ supply of programming has been created, the team will begin broadcasting – initially for one hour a day – hopefully in October of this year. Please pray for the locally employed staff, that they will have a vision and passion for reaching the lost and making disciples through the broadcast. Please also pray for OMF members, in particular for wisdom regarding decisions
that will need to be made along the way and also for the funding necessary for the project to continue and go forward.

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