Thailand Field / 6 August 2023

Please join us in prayer for Thailand this week:
In many churches there is Sunday School for children during the time of the sermon. Often there are not only children of church members attending but also friends or neighbours of Christian children.
• Pray for the Sunday School teachers to have good relationships with the children and wisdom in how to teach God’s word in a way that children can understand.
• Pray for the children to not only hear God’s word but to understand it with their heart and to apply it to their lives.
• Pray that children of Christian parents come to a living faith themselves (not just assuming they are Christians because their parents are)
• Pray for children of non-Christian parents to come to trust and believe in Jesus as well. Pray for opportunities to reach out to their families. May there be whole families finding forgiveness, peace and joy in God.
• Pray that the time the children spend together will help them to build friendships that will last a lifetime. May they be friends who will share joy and sadness, who will always be there for each other, who will encourage and challenge each other to stay on God’s way.

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