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Primary school notices for students in Taiwan

So much going on in this…

When kids turn up to school, there is a half hour or so period when the kids do random stuff. One of their responsibilities is to write down that day’s tasks for homework into their “communication book”. Instead of notes coming home each day, there is a book they use for the whole year where they write down each day’s homework and notices.

From right to left, the board has the date and homework list.

The fist thing reads 中華民國 which means Republic of China. Here, this refers to the year. In Taiwan, many official things use the RoC year. The beginning of the Republic of China was 1911. So here, it says 110年 which means Year 110. 1911 + 110 = 2021. This year!

The month and day just follow Gregorian calendar norms. So 12月 = 12th month, i.e. December. 17日 is the 17th day. Dates are written Year, Month, Day in Chinese.

When people ask what year I was born in, they’re thinking in Republic of China years. So every time I have to do some maths in my head. You just need to minus 11 from the last two digits of the Gregorian year (cos it’s not too hard to work out which century you’re in).

Under the date it says 值日生 and 6, 7.

值日生 means class prefect/monitor. 6 and 7 are the student numbers. So student 6 and 7 are class monitors for the day. I think this usually changes weekly or so.

The class monitors get to do random stuff like wipe the blackboard. I tell the kids that in Australia, it was the best thing to be allowed to wipe the blackboard. Here though the kids see it as a chore. The teachers don’t wipe the blackboard.

Depending on the situation, teachers may refer to the students by their number, like if they have a list of kids who they need to come to them to go through their homework. “Number 3, 7, 18 and 22 come here and show me your maths homework”. That sort of thing.

The next thing says 小組B組 which means Group: Group B. I have zero idea what this is. Maybe it’s Group B’s turn to clean the toilet or something. (BTW, the kids actually do clean the toilet, pick up rubbish, mop the hallways and other general maintenance things at school).

1. L12 生字花詞語賓果. It’s Lesson 12 new vocab words and the list of words.

2.數習P86( ). Maths page 86. The brackets (or parentheses rather) are also written in their communication book. That way when you finish that bit of home work you sign it off.

3.做家事 ( ). Housework!!! Housework is homework! You then write what housework you did. Having said that, our kids usually left it blank… even if they did housework that day.

※ 4.背古詩3-1( ). The ※ (X with four dots symbol) is a bit like an asterisk*. The homework is to memorise some ancient poems assumedly from Unit 3 Lesson 1.

All this culturally situated knowledge and you haven’t even started classes for the day.


– Written by Aaron Koh, Church Planter

(Donggang, Southern Taiwan)


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