Prayers for Marawi

As the violence in Marawi, Philippines continues, 180,000 people have fled for safety. The needs of the evacuees are tremendous. How can you pray for them? Hear what they say.

Pray for God’s comfort 

“When the fighting started between the Maute and government troops, we are so afraid because we are only about 1 km away from the fighting. We can see the bombs dropping from the government choppers and planes.”

“We were rushing to escape from being caught in the gun fire. That is why we were not able to bring our belongings with us.”

Pray for those still in the city 

“Our house was burned and my relatives are still in Marawi, please help us get them to the evacuation site.”

“Our relatives are trapped. Can you help us get them to a safer place?”

Pray for access to basic needs

“Look at my children, they are not wearing sandals, they were left behind. Right now we don’t have sleeping mats and mosquito nets.”

“We don’t have easy access to safe drinking water, the only option we have is to buy from those who sell it for business. We don’t have water containers to store water.”

“Please give us your used cardboard boxes and empty rice sacks so we have something to use as sleeping mats.”

Pray for peace, protection, and provision

Lord, please bless the people of Marawi. We pray for peace and protection for those caught in dangerous locations. Please look after the evacuees, and help those delivering supplies to be wise as they try to support these people in need.

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