글로벌 선교를 위한 기도

Thailand Field / 5 May 2024

Please join us in prayer for Thailand this week:
These coming weeks are a time of transition for many missionary children (TCKs). Those who finish High school will have their last exams to pass and to say good bye to their friends, homes, pets, etc. Others are not graduating but will go on home assignment with their families (or come back to the field) – they will have many good byes and numerous new things to adjust to as well.
• Pray for concentration and success for the exams
• Pray for good good byes to people, places and things that are significant to the TCKs
• Pray for extra patience and open eyes for the parents to know how to support their (adult) children in these times of transition
• Pray for the Lord to prepare people and places in the new location that make arriving and feeling at home easier (for example: understanding teachers, friendly class mates, relatives and friends that are easy to connect with etc.)
• Pray for the TCKs to know and feel that they are in God’s hand and that He will guide them through this time of many changes

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