글로벌 선교를 위한 기도

Thailand Field / 31 December 2023

Please join us in praying for Thailand today:
Dear heavenly father, as we hear the psalmist praise you from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, we want to join in that praise. We want to praise you for all you have done from the beginning of the year until this very last day of the year. Thank you for being ‘Immanuel-God with’ each and every day. Whether that was days of joy or days of sorrow and sadness, days of success or days of failure. Thank you for upholding, forgiving, comforting, challenging, loving… us.
Lord, thank you too that your word could be taught freely in Thailand throughout this past year – in neighbourhoods, among friends and family, in schools, prisons and hospitals, during worship services at church or in personal conversations, by radio, TV or internet. You say that your word will not return empty but achieve what you sent it out for. So we pray with hope for every person who has heard or read about you this year. May many remember your word, want to know more or start following you, and be filled with joy and hope that only you can give.

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