글로벌 선교를 위한 기도

Thailand Field / 24 March 2024

Please join us in praying for Thailand (this lent season along the verses for each week according to the Moravian watchwords):
Lord Jesus, this week leading up to Easter reminds us of all you did for us. Like the crowd welcoming you into Jerusalem we want to welcome you, we want to look up to you as the Messiah who was promised right from the beginning and when the time was fulfilled you came. Reading about the people of Israel in your word we read about our own lives too, the ups and downs, the times of trusting you and the times of running away from you. Thank you, Lord, that our salvation does not depend on our own good works – we would be hopelessly lost. But YOU did everything, once and for all, to reconcile us with God. Lord, we pray for the Christians in Thailand to be reminded of your salvation and find joy and strength in that. And we pray too for the many people in Thailand that don’t know you yet, may they have the opportunity to hear from you, to look up to you, to trust in you and thus find hope and eternal life.

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