글로벌 선교를 위한 기도

Thailand Field / 15 October 2023

Please join us in prayer for Thailand this week:
From Monday until Wednesday (16-18 Oct) about 1000 Christians from ACT churches all over Thailand will come together in Chiang Mai to celebrate 40 years of ACT (Associated churches in Thailand). ACT is very diverse with 13 administrative regions – some are geographical areas others are ethnical regions.
– Pray for a joyful celebration – looking back on what God has done within those 40 years and also looking ahead into working toward being salt and light in the communities and to reach more people with the Gospel
– Pray for unity in diversity (various cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the regions)
– Pray for ACT as an organisation as well as for the 300 local churches
– Pray for pastor Thongthip as the chairman of ACT
– Pray for the leaders of the local churches (many lay leaders) to walk closely with the Lord and to have wisdom and courage in leading their churches
– Pray for a new generation of leaders to be raised up and ready to serve their churches and communities
– Pray for the children and young people to come to a living faith as well.
– Pray for all members to (continue to) have a hunger for God’s word

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