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Prayer walking

Ning spoke enthusiastically about prayer walking, “In the past we handed out tracts and got no response. We thought no one wanted to hear about God but today when we prayer walked our neighborhood we discovered that wasn’t true!”

Ning and 20 other people in their district church had never gone praying walking before. After reading various Scriptures about prayer they were sent out in pairs and were given the following instructions:

1) Don’t talk to anyone unless you feel prompted by God. Your job today is to pray!
2) Ask that whole families in your neighborhood will become his disciples together.
3) Sing songs of praises aloud to God as you walk together.
4) Thank God for the good things you see- honest businesses, people helping each other, etc.
5) Open your Bible along the way and pray Scripture for your town- such as Psalm 67.
6) Ask God to give you clues for prayer topics- e.g. if you see children playing, pray for youth in your town.
7) Pray for your entire town; ask God to draw people to Himself from every neighborhood.
Ask for a big vision- pray God will start a multiplying church in every subdistrict of your province.

The believers in Ning’s training divided up the town, each pair taking responsibility for several streets. Despite the hot Isaan sun with clouds of dust blowing along the road everyone came back excited. One group sang “Open the Eyes of My Heart” and prayed that families in the village would open their hearts to God. Two young men noticed a woman sitting on a porch. They felt prompted to greet her and asked “Have you ever heard about Jesus?” The woman replied, “My daughter just received a correspondence course about Him. Can you tell me more?” As the young men talked she listened with interest. Ning and her prayer partner were invited into a home to the bedside of a dying man. They prayed God would take away his pain. God answered their prayers; the man’s pain was visibly eased and the family listened attentively to the gospel.

Ning was amazed and exclaimed, “People here are interested in Jesus. We had no idea God would open doors into homes if we just walked the streets and prayed!”

As we begin a new year may we all be prayer warriors, prayer walking our communities and expecting to see God at work.

Written by Ning

Ning is a Thai Christian in NE Thailand

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