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Pray together, care for each other!

On prayer meeting afternoons, the OMF Hokkaido Center is bustling! At our twice-a-month Sapporo Prayer Meeting, OMF missionaries and OMF Friends worship together, pray for our ministries and churches, and offer each other support.

Beyond the official 90 minutes, many members arrive early to meet with other people, or have dinner together after. Some teams or groups plan to meet before the prayer meeting. Tea, coffee, and sometimes snacks are available from 30 minutes in advance for causal fellowship time.

Thank you to the worship team for arranging the music and worship part. Thank you to different prayer focus leaders for preparing the content of the prayer time. And thank you to all of the small group leaders for facilitating groups for mutual support and prayer.

Besides adults, we also encourage all of our TCKs (Third Culture Kids) to join the prayer meeting. This is one way for our children to connect to the OMF family. You can see children going round and round on the first floor, talking in the lounge, reading in the library, and going up and down the staircases.

At this moment, we have around 40 TCKs in Hokkaido. After the worship and testimony time in the main prayer meeting, the children go into their own age groups: preschool, school-age, and age 12 and above. Each group has Bible or spiritual input time. Mutual prayer time is also an essential part of the school-age and 12+ groups.

For each prayer meeting, 8-9 adults help and support the children’s groups. The language differences among children can be a challenge. Sometimes the groups needs to be conducted trilingually! However, we find that is part of the irreplaceable memory of OMF life for our TCKs.

The twice-a-month prayer meeting is a chance for us to live out one of the OMF Values: to serve each other, to care for each other, to support each other as a “Fellowship.”

By Edwin, an OMF Missionary

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