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Direction in life? You need a compass, not a map. The pace of life today is so dizzyingly fast, many have stopped and wondered, “What’s it all for?” If we’re looking for directions to a fulfilled life, instead of using “maps” of other people’s experiences and our own plans for our lives, missions mobilizer Claude Hickman calls us to align our lives to the compass of God’s heart and will. For only then can we find the true Way to real fulfillment in life.

GOD'S FAITHFULNESS: Stories from the China Inland Mission and OMF International

God’s Faithfulness, Stories from the China Inland Mission and OMF International is a unique anthology of forty CIM and OMF International missionary stories, which testify powerfully to the faithfulness of God throughout the 150 years of our history. The stories originate from workers in almost all of the countries where we have teams today.


Fifteen-year-old Alison is returning home to New York by ship when she encounters a fascinating stranger on board and her life takes a sweeping turn. The voyage becomes a journey of the heart, a spiritual transformation. On the way she confronts doubt, pride and self in her journey toward faith and her true home. The story is set in the mid–twentieth century and written in a style that perfectly reflects the era … an excellently crafted work of historical fiction.


Beyond Ourselves traces the development of OMF’s work in Thailand from when it started through the next 6 decades. These decades are ones of dramatic change for Thailand in the socio-economic sphere. They are ones of dramatic change for OMF as it starts work in areas of Thailand that had no churches at all, to seeing churches established, to seeing ministry grow with those churches aiming to reach the entire country of Thailand. Each decade had unique challenges for OMF and the missionaries working under OMF in Thailand. By God’s grace OMF has had a part in seeing the Church in Thailand grow over the past 60 years, doubling every 13 years.

Read the story of OMF and the growth of the church in Thailand. Read about the determination, the hurdles, the casualties. Share in the joy of achievements. Know that the All-Sufficient One always enables us to go “Beyond Ourselves.”


A manga-style graphic novel, brings the legendary story of Hudson Taylor to life.

Hudson Taylor sails for China in 1853 aged 21. The journey takes five months. Dressing like the Chinese and learning their language he starts to teach about Jesus. “Bai Gui!” they shout at him. White Devil! Their hatred is clear. Steeped in the cultural traditions of ancestor worship and idolatry, the Chinese want nothing more than for this Westerner to leave.

Criticised by English and Chinese alike and able to trust no-one, Hudson Taylor faces treacherous boat trips, terrifying nights on the street, poverty and even death. But one thing he knows: his God is trustworthy…

JESUS DID MANY OTHER THINGS AS WELL... Short Stories out of Japan

“I couldn’t help laughing aloud a few times reading Tony’s stories of his experiences in Japan, mirroring so well our lives as missionaries in this country. Each story not only shares an aspect about the Japanese culture but teaches a spiritual lesson to be applied in daily life as a Christian. Tony does not describe the super start missionary, but a servant who experiences the Lord’s victories in the midst of failure and weakness .” – Wolfgang Langhans (OMF International Japan Feild Director 2002-2012)

Author Tony Schmidt, together with his wife Pat, initially went out from South Africa to Japan as Short Term workers with OMF International in 1972. During that time they felt God’s call to join OMF as long-term missionaries. They finally retired from Japan in 2011. They now live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where they serve as Associate Pastors at Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church. They have three children and seven grandchildren.


Starting from 1953, many dedicated Christians spent a significant part of their working lives in the sourthern provinces of Thailand. They were part of a wider team whose aim was to establish groups of believers in every area. They tried to express the love of God in word and action and to provide the best medical care that they could. This brief collection of stories is not a record of spectacular success. However, it offers glory to God who has brought new life to the courageous and faithful people of South Thailand whose lives continue to honor Christ and bless their communities.

GLOBAL MISSION HANDBOOK: A Guide For Cross-Cultural Service

Considering a career in crosscultural ministry?

Veteran mission professionals Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor offer a practical guide for preparing for intercultural missions. They provide resources for personal spiritual preparation as well as crosscultural skills and hands-on missionary training. They outline the process for finding actual placement with a sending church, mission agency or organization, with key questions you should be asking along the way.

This guide also includes material on the latest developments and issues in mission, such as

• religious pluralism and Jesus
• globalization and culture
• business as mission and community development
• global poverty and human trafficking
• HIV/AIDS and malaria
• international justice and commercial sex workers

And it is filled with real-life examples of people mobilizing for mission around the world.

Previously published as Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations, this handbook has been completely revised and significantly expanded to be even more comprehensive and useful. Global Mission Handbook is an indispensable guide for following God’s call wherever he may lead you.


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