1. Give your time to care and support a missionary

  • Write a letter of encouragement to a missionary you know.
  • Adopt a missionary and/or missionary family—remember them on holidays, birthdays and other special occasions with at least a card. Be sure to remember the kids’ birthdays, too.
  • Pick up from and send missionaries to the airport when they return and leave.
  • Send surprise care packages at random times of the year.
  • Be a missionary’s point person (liaison) here in the Philippines.
  • Let missionaries store their stuff at your house.
  • Help missionaries deal with medical issues or insurance.
  • Help edit or lay-out a missionary’s prayer letter before sending them out.
  • Welcome missionaries home by hosting a get-together dinner.
  • Treat missionaries on home assignment to something special: pedicure, manicure, massage, free hotel stay, free dental cleaning, coffee, etc.
  • Be a host family when missionaries come back.
  • Purchase new clothes for children of missionaries.
  • Supply phone cards, gas/transportation allowance, gift certificates, grocery items for the missionary on home assignment.

3. Send a missionary — give financially

Currently, we have Filipinos serving in Taiwan, Cambodia, China, Vietnam,  Thailand, and within Philippines. They are involved in various ministries like church planting, discipleship and training of believers, community development, health care, student work, missional business, education, and support ministry.

If you want to give to missionaries or to their ministry projects, please write to ph.hcacct@omfmail.com or call (02) 8931 0350.

3. Give to PHC-related Ministries/Projects

  • Renewal, Retreat & Training Center
  • Support for Filipino workers in Filipino Muslim settings
  • Support for Filipinos working amongst the Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines
  • Philippine Church Mobilization Movement
  • Supplementary Support for Bridge Asia Volunteers in the PH Homeside
  • Mobilizing the Filipino Church for China
  • Support for Filipino Retired Worker

To give to these projects, please write to ph.hcacct@omfmail.com or call (02) 8931 0350.


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