Passing the Baton

After serving the Manobo in the uphills of Davao for seventeen years, Grace Moron literally comes down in order to take the helm at the Philippine Home Council of OMF International. She takes over the work from Liberty Belandres who served as Executive Director (ED) for 10 years, a total of 42 years with OMF.

In a symbolical gesture of passing on the baton, Ate Libay presented Grace with objects that represent the different aspects of her work as new ED. These aspects are not merely critical tasks to be performed but principles to live by in order to ensure that the next generation will also turn out well. In other words, these are values we all need to imbibe in order to serve and witness effectively for Christ.

First, the Bible to symbolize the centrality of the word of God as guide in our work and the responsibility of steering the PHC toward a deeper knowledge of God through the study and application of His word.

Second, a turtle stuff toy to symbolize the apparent slowness, yet the constant movement of mobilization which compels us to wait patiently on the Lord and commit the progress and realization of our hopes and dreams to Him.

Third, a flashlight to symbolize the ever-pressing need for the light of Christ to dispel the darkness that is in the world, thus the continuing need to reach out to the unreached peoples. Such light must also be seen by the Filipino church in order to partner with PHC in reaching out to East Asia’s billions.

Fourth, a towel to symbolize humility and servant spirit with which Jesus wrapped himself when he served his disciples by washing their feet.

Last, a ripe papaya fruit to symbolize the necessary result of our work and ministry, that is, that the body of Christ not only grow in number but also in righteousness and holiness.

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