Buddhist Awareness

During Caloocan Christian Baptist Church’s mission-emphasis month last March 2015, PHC was invited to hold a Buddhist Awareness event, featuring the Buddhist countries Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam. These countries are in the top ten countries with the most Buddhist population. PHC’s Executive Director, Liberty Belandres, shared about Buddhism, a topic she knows well after serving in Thailand for 26 years. The ice-breaker and game booths also added in learning more about Buddhism and the culture and tradition in the countries featured. Adults, youth, and some children enjoyed and learned a lot. There were some who got prayer cards and bought prayer guide booklets. May they continue praying for Buddhist countries and people who don’t worship the true God.

PHC holds Religious Bloc awareness events – like Buddhism, Muslim, Tribal, and Un-Religious.

To invite us, contact ph.hccm@omfmail.com

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