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Fold, staple, fold, staple, fold, staple… this can be a mundane task for a day’s work. But without someone helping with the folding and stapling of PHC’s East Asia’s Billions quarterly bulletin, sending them to readers would have been delayed. So PHC is greatly appreciative of people who come every quarter to help in this task of letting God’s glory be known through printed communication.

“Can you share about Japan during our Japan Awareness?” “Yes, it’s a privilege. Thank you for inviting me.” Looking for resource speakers can sometimes be worrisome – especially when you don’t have a lot on your list. But when you hear responses like this, you just can’t help but praise God for providing the missing link in the puzzle.

These are just some of the things that PHC volunteers are doing. Currently, Philippine Home Council office has two full-time home missionaries, two full-time office staff (administrative and finance), and four “full-time volunteers” who are serving on specific ministries. The rest are volunteers that come and go – serving in specific projects or helping in events.

If God is leading you to be a volunteer of PHC,

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