Hanoi Protestant Church’s 100th Anniversary

“As you well know, this year in OMF, we will be celebrating 150 years of CIM-OMF.  What you may not know is that this year in Vietnam, we also have an anniversary celebration:  In September, we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Protestant church in the capital city of Hanoi.  We both face a task unfinished!

Asia is still the least Christian continent in the world with only ~5% of East Asia being Evangelical Christians. But in Hanoi the situation is worse still. After 100 years, there are still less than 5,000 Vietnamese Christians in this city of 7 million.  That’s less than 0.1% of Hanoi’s population.

Does this make Hanoi the East Asian capital with the lowest percentage of evangelical Christians?

We first started sending people to Vietnam in 1961, but only two couples came (1/4 of them from the US).  In 1975, they all had to leave. We started sending people here again in the 1990s, but the team has still only reached a total of 20 people.  That makes it the lowest density of workers sent in any major East Asian country.

With this combination of very few Christians and very few workers, one of our highest priorities as a Field is seeing new people come and join us. We have seen how well R has got on, not just in language-learning but also in relating to Vietnamese people and want more pinoys!”

(This is an excerpt from the Field Director’s email.)

Pinoys, let’s get excited about Vietnam! Do you want to get involved?

Write to ph.hcsac@omfmail.com

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