Return ticket: Tomoki’s journey to faith

Tomoki first came to the home of OMF Diaspora Returnee Ministries workers in Japan with a group of fellow Japanese students who had studied in the USA together.

The leaders of their American Bible study group had come to visit them in Japan. The Japanese group was clearly delighted to be reunited with their friends, and chatted about how much they missed American food and speaking English. The OMF family invited the group of returnees to come to their house again for a meal and a Bible study, and this became a monthly event. 

They share: ‘Tomoki asked lots of good questions. He was drawn to Christian faith but had a lot of reservations. He had enjoyed spending time with Christians overseas and liked the idea of being part of a Christian community, but he wasn’t sure that he could really believe everything he read in the Bible. A few times he came to church with us and seemed to enjoy the service, but he was nervous about how his family or friends would react if he became a Christian.’ 

When the family had to leave Japan for a year, they knew the Bible study group would not be able to continue in their absence. They were concerned that Tomoki might lose interest. But God had Tomoki in his hand. A few months before they left Japan, Tomoki asked if he could bring a friend to the Bible study. She was a Christian and had also lived overseas. Then shortly before their departure, Tomoki announced that he had decided to become a Christian. Not only that, he was going to marry this lady whose testimony had led him to faith! They now go regularly to a Japanese church and Tomoki has started serving in the church.
Back in Japan now, the OMF family continue to do Bible study with Tomoki regularly.
Please pray with us:

  • Praise God for Tomoki’s faith in Jesus.
  • Pray for returnees like him to experience the Lord connecting them to other returnees who believe in him, and pray that churches will warmly welcome them.
  • Pray that those who return home not yet sure about faith in Christ can fully trust him and live their lives for him.

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