Japan Prayer Fuel November 2022

Please pray with us for all the new missionaries who will be coming to Japan with OMF in November and December, and for others who arrived just a few months ago, who are about to experience their first winter season in Japan. Pray for continued grace and sustainance from the Lord in their transition and adjustment.

Tsugaru Gospel Church – Itayanagi Chapel

1) Praise the Lord for opening doors!  One missionary colleague has had two Bible study sessions with Ms Y, who studied Buddhism while she was in college, but is now interested in knowing Jesus. Please pray for God to soften her heart and for the church to walk in God’s love with her. 2) Please pray for this colleague’s continued language learning and the development of relationships with church members.

Nakayoshi Church

As the seasons change, please remember those who live outside on the streets; may they find a place that is warm, dry and safe. Please pray for the non-believers who join the church for worship or Bible study, that their hearts may be opened to the God who loves them.

Sendai Student Focus (SSF)

Give thanks for the students at Shirayuri English Conversation Café. Two of them seem have taken an initial interest in the Bible and one has come to our student outreach. Please pray for her to continue seeking. Please pray for suitable dates for our student outreach events as the chosen dates coincide with other student club events. Please also pray we would be able to join some of those club events and form new relationships with students. Please pray for good health and adjustment for one of our missionaries during her first winter season.

YahaBible Network

1) Praise God that one missionary colleague returned safely from home assignment and has adjusted, and begun reconnecting with friends.  2) Praise God that Ms N accepted Jesus. Please pray that she would be God’s good soil producing much fruit. Pray also for protection from the enemy.  3) Pray for a good handover among the missionary team, as other colleagues leave for home assignment in December.  4) Pray for God’s guidance regarding which relationships to follow up. 5) Pray for a new short-term missionary joining the team and for her adjustment to life and ministry in Japan.

Kibō (Hope) Network

Give thanks for a good start to the first semester of the online discipleship multiplication training. Give thanks for the apprentice coach’s growth in teaching skills and how the three students engage deeply with the content and put it into practice. Please pray for supernatural protection as Satan hates it when Japanese are discipled and start discipling the people around them.

Training Sector Leader

Pray for: 1) Preparations to welcome three new members to Ichikawa, Chiba after OMF’s Orientation Course in Singapore. 2) Work on core elements of OMF Japan’s orientation and training. 3) Our colleague learning and filling the Sector Administrator role. 4) Church Planting Institute (8th-11th November) and Field Leadership Team (FLT) meetings (14th-17th November). 5) Delight in the Lord and his unfolding work.

Japan Homeside Center (JHC)

1) On 5th November, the Japan Overseas Missions Association (JOMA) conference will be held and OMF will lead one session; pray for the preparations for this. 2) Please pray that during various mission events we may share God’s heart for mission and meet with potential future missionary candidates. 3) Please pray for the JHC leader’s health management alongside a busy work load and many different responsibilities. 4) Please pray for a mission seminar on 12th November at Ochanomizu Christian Centre, Tokyo on the theme of Japanese churches walking alongside internationals. One colleague will be speaking at that seminar.

Finance & Administration Sector Leader

Praise God that the 2023 budget process is finished; pray the Lord will provide for OMF Japan’s financial needs next year. Pray for protection, wisdom, and growth in spiritual character for the Finance Team. There are a handful of land/building-related questions that we need the Lord’s wisdom in; pray for revelation! Praise God for the opportunity for the Finance Manager to do weekly Bible studies with her sports club teammate and another girl; pray for them to grow in their understanding of who Jesus is.


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