Japan Prayer Fuel January 2023

2023 Japan Field Prayer Goal: Partnering and unity in the gospel

In this new year, please pray with us for:

1) John 13:35 to be lived out by the body of Christ in Japan.

2) The love Christians have for one another to lead to greater unity in the gospel.

3) Faith and humility to pursue and promote grace-filled gospel partnerships.

4) Unity and love as OMF Japan discusses church planting strategy.

5) The All Japan Congress on Evangelism (JCE7) in September to catalyse deeper love for one another, unity, and fresh partnerships across the church in Japan.

Hiragishi Izumi Church

Give thanks for 33 children and 14 non-church adults at the Christmas party. Please pray for the salvation of many non-Christians who have a relationship with the church. Pray for church members to be growing in faith, love and hope. Please pray for the Lord to provide for the church financially and for a new building, and for wisdom as the team thinks about the church’s activities in the coming year.

Maeda House Church Plant

Please pray for opportunities to reconnect with friends who are freer to meet up during the school winter break. Weekly Bible studies resume later in January. Pray especially for our colleague as she meets with a neighbourhood mum of four, who is eager to start the longer ‘Bible Overview’ series.

Nagayama Church, Asahikawa

Praise the Lord for His blessings on Christmas events. Please pray for: 1) follow up of Christmas contacts; 2) spiritual growth for the youth; 3) Kids “E Club” English outreach program; 4) our colleague’s preparation for preaching on 8th January and for her health.

Sapporo Minami Church

Thank God for guiding the team and helping them settle well. Please pray that God continues to help in keeping the relationship of some Japanese friends from the international school with the church, and to open their hearts to hear the gospel. Thank God for giving the team unity about the new project with the church members.

Satsunae Lighthouse Church & Sorachi Project

Pray for the seeds sown at the Christmas Eve and Christmas Sunday services at the Lighthouse, and especially for the seekers who are preparing for baptism. Praise God that Sunagawa church welcomed a new pastor in December and that he seems eager for friendship and collaboration.

Hanamaki Megumi

Praise God for the Christmas Cafés, Band Night and Nativity Service the church held. Please pray that all those who heard the gospel will think more about what they heard. One boy in elementary school is studying the Bible and thinking about baptism; please pray for him to follow through. In the new year, the church hopes to start new Bible studies with the youth group and a regular attender at their Sunday services who is in his 20s. Please pray that people will be open to study.

Hirosaki Nozomi Church

Praise God that church attendees are excited about church and are inviting friends. Meetings in 2022 were well-attended and the team witnessed the baptism of 66-year-old cancer survivor on 25th December. Praise God for good teamwork with short termers, and pray that together the team would see much fruit in 2023.

Tsugaru Gospel Church – Itayanagi Chapel

1) Please pray for the team to make good use of the New Year’s slower season to make connections with their neighbours through the unfailing love of Christ; 2) Please pray for wisdom to make connections with church members for mutual strengthening on the journey of spiritual growth.

Sendai Izumi Park Town Church

Pray that God would continue to encourage the church and build them up in love while reaching out to the unsaved around them.  Thank God that people seem to be eager for fellowship.  Pray that the unbelievers who came to the Christmas worship would be drawn closer to the gospel.  Pray for the church’s preparation as several of our colleagues get ready to go on home assignment next summer.

YahaBible Network

1) Praise God for many opportunities to connect and share the gospel with friends during the Christmas season. Please pray for creativity and wisdom for follow-up.

2) Please pray for our colleagues as they transition to life back home for a one-year Home Assignment and for the rest of the team as they continue to work together.

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