Japan Prayer Fuel February 2023

Japan has entered the coldest time of year. Winter in Japan is breath-taking, but heavy snowfalls and shortened daylight increase risks of accidents, infections, stress, and depression. Please pray with us for protection, safety, and warmth through the cold winter days, especially in the Tohoku and Hokkaido areas. Pray for members and their children who are experiencing harsh winters for the first time, for their continued adjustment and wellbeing.

Japan Field Director (FD)

1) Pray for the Lord to use the Church Planting Report to encourage more church planting and partnerships in Japan, and for OMF Japan as we read and discuss it over the coming months. 2) Pray for the Japan Home Council meeting on 6th February. 3) Pray for the Lord’s leading as the Field Leadership Team (FLT) meets from 20th-22nd February. 4) Pray for JEMA Connect (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association), including discussions about a new JEMA ministry initiative from 30th February – 1st March; pray for guidance.

Finance & Administration Sector Leader

In February the 2022 accounts will be received by the Finance Committee, our Internal Auditors, and FLT. Pray for each of these processes – that the Holy Spirit will show us any errors or items we need to repent of. Pray for wisdom for FLT when considering allocating funds to a few different projects that have arisen. Continue to pray for the Lord’s guiding in how the Finance Manager (FM) role will be managed after our current FM departs in July.

Ichikawa Guest Home

Pre-Home-Assignment Workshop (PHAW) runs from 24th January – 3rd February (25 participants, 27 people staying.)  Every room will be in use, plus an extra apartment. At least 26 guests are expected already in February, with some very tight booking situations.  Pray for stamina and perseverance.

TCK (Third Culture Kid) Advisor Team

Give thanks for 31 families with 74 TCKs. Pray that each one will grow in their knowledge and love of God. Pray for one of our team as she travels to Hokkaido in early February. She will meet with families, seek to support them in education decisions, and lead orientation at the Japanese Language & Culture Center on 3rd February.

Ichikawa Hub

Pray for: 1)Aaccommodation and settling for a new member arriving on 27th February from OMF’s Orientation Course (OC) in Singapore.  2) A couple’s residency cards to arrive soon so they can do administration, and feel like they belong! 3) Steady progress in language study for all members. 4) Fellowship at churches – and for a member giving her testimony 19th February.

Japanese Language and Culture Center (JLCC)                            

Continue to pray for protection on the road as people walk or drive to the Hokkaido Centre in the snowy weather. Pray for good health for all our teachers, staff, students and their children. We expect to welcome two families and one individual before the end of the month. Pray for good preparation, apartment set up and safe travels for our new missionaries. With our Language Advisor going on home assignment, pray for good transition and handover. We are looking for another part-time teacher – pray that we can find the right person. Finally, pray that every one of our new colleagues would make (and feel like they are making) progress in language learning.

Serve Japan (Short-term program)

Kanto: Thank God for bringing a new Serve Asia Worker (SAW) to Kanto – pray for his adjustment to a new culture, language, and routine.  Pray for current SAWs to deepen relationships with those they have connected with over the past few months. Pray for two new workers preparing to come.

Tohoku: Praise God for continued preparation of 12 SAWs arriving in March, and four teams in April. Pray for strength and wisdom in placements, and in working with so many people at all at once.

Hokkaido: Thank God for bringing more workers to Hokkaido. One has already arrived, and the others are on schedule. Pray for God’s guidance to help each worker experience the amazing work of our Lord.

Candidate Coordinator

Pray for the 5 adults and 3 children from Taiwan, US, Canada, and Australia as they attend OC in Singapore this month. Pray for wisdom and creativity in supporting applicants and candidates. Praise God for time off in January and continue to pray for balance in life and ministry.


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