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Perfect is not enough

Each piece was a work of art—one bit of sushi after the other found its way into our mouths as my brother and I enjoyed an outing together at the famous Tsujiki Fish market in Tokyo. It had needed some convincing to get me out of bed so early in the morning. But not only is the market an attraction in itself, I had also never tasted sushi as nice as this before. No way you could compare it to the rice balls with fish you usually eat at the cheap, counter-belt places.

To make “real sushi”, the chefs train for years and years until they are perfect. The right amount of perfectly cooked and seasoned rice, formed into a plump log-shape with the right amount of pressure (so that it doesn’t fall apart but without mashing the delicate rice grains) and topped with the right piece of carefully selected fish. But to know exactly how to cut every fish into mouth sized pieces so that it will melt in your mouth: that’s maybe the hardest part of it all. Undoubtedly, this chef knew what he was doing. So, it was with great delight, that we watched the sushi chef prepare one piece of sushi after the other and hand it over the counter top.

It is not only sushi, nor food in general, that makes our lives in Japan enjoyable. Japan is a wonderful country to live in, and because Japanese people strive for perfection and high level of service standards, it is a good, safe, and comfortable country to live in. It has a rich culture and history, wonderful nature, is well organized and clean, and the people are friendly and helpful. There are many aspects of life here that we prefer to life in our home country.

We love Japan; God loves Japan and has favoured it and its people with wealth, diligence, and the world’s longest life expectation, to name only a few things.

But they do not know their God and creator.*

* only 0.3% evangelical Christians

By Christian and Therese

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Praise God for the people of Japan and the wonderful country he has entrusted them with.
  • Pray that people will know the perishability of wealth and earthly things and that God will give them a desire to search beyond these.
  • Pray for more workers to tell the people of Japan the true source of all that is good and the one perfect “food” of life that never let them go hungry again.

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