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Penghu – See a different Taiwan

When you mention Taiwan, most people will think of the popular tourist spots or foods of the mainland. We recently found a different Taiwan on the islands of Penghu. To explore, we rented a scooter to discover the features of Penghu. 

Penghu is famous for the stone weirs which are a traditional way of catching fish. In modern days, fishing boats go out often and we ate seafood which is caught and sold fresh, frozen or dried. 


A trip out on a boat to see basalt islands populated with nesting terns finished with a barbecue of oysters over coals added to the adventure. 


Penghu architecture is quite different from the rest of Taiwan with a significant number of traditional houses maintained for living in or for tourism. We were full of admiration for the decorative tiles on many of these buildings. 

As the island is flat and windy, there were few trees but cactus abounded from which the people make a cactus ice cream to sell to the tourists. Bright purple, they have a tangy flavour!


We decided we had discovered the best beaches in Taiwan! Clear water, some beaches with white and some had golden sands. On the island of Wang An, the protected green sea turtles come to lay eggs in the summer from about June to September. Consequently, no water sports are allowed. 


Something we were struck by was the numbers of large, ornate and new temples. It seemed that every small village has at least two of these. Elsewhere piles of stone were prayed to for specific needs. 


This is the Three Immmortals which the village appeal to for safety for the men going out fishing and consequently for the lifespan of the men and women of the village to be similar. 


We tried to count churches but only saw a very few and then mostly in the main town. 

Penghu is a place we hope to revisit in the future!

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