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Partnership of a different kind

Joel shared with us the recent challenge of preaching to his congregation on 2 Corinthians 6:14, particularly in relation to marriage. He knew some of his listeners wanted to marry, but, with Christians so few and far between, couldn’t find an appropriate partner who share their faith. But he also knew that some had married non-Christians and had faced many challenges as a result.

Another missionary in Sendai shared a possible solution with us in the testimony of a young girl who had invited the boy she was interested in to church. Through her introduction he studied the bible and came to faith and now they are engaged to be married. “Bring your boy to church!”

One evening we visited a young couple who are members of a new OMF church plant in Hanamaki city in Iwate, having recently moved into the city.

He had become a Christian while at university in Hokkaido and found a job there after graduation. She grew up and came to faith as a high school student in Aomori. Later in their 20s, both were praying that they might find a suitable marriage partner and both shared their request with a common friend, Emily, who had recently left her job in Aomori to study at Hokkaido Bible Institute. Praying for them both, she introduced them to one another and, well, the rest is history!

Now as OMF missionaries on the Tohoku Prayer Drive, Emily and I had the joy of praying with our friends in their new home in Hanamaki, now with a young son and expecting their second soon.

Written by John.

Will you pray for Japan?

  • That single Japanese Christians with a desire to marry might find a suitable partner.
  • That friends and churches seeking to assist would do so prayerfully and sensitively.

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