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Our God is healer

OMF has seconded medical staff to Mercy Medical Clinic (MMC) for a number of years.

The past year at MMC brought a lot of challenges and encouraging experiences. Its service to the poor has been growing steadily, the Inpatient’s Department was opened and many severely sick people could find rest and healing, not only physically, but also spiritually. Several end of life situations were encountered by God’s message of hope through the Spiritual Impact Team through prayer and counseling.

LL is a 12yr old child that had severe skin infections for several years, and was given up by the largest children’s hospital in CB. At his first presentation in MMC he had extensive infected skin lesions and severe contractions of both knees, he was afraid and crying so much, the family had no more hope. We admitted him and started treatment and prayer, good care, food and good hygiene, and a lot of love and support by our Khmer staff. The doctors identified a rare immunodeficiency syndrome, and infections with different bacteria, fungi and parasites. After 6 weeks he had improved so much that he was discharged, and now after 3 Months his skin has healed, his legs are straight again so that he started walking for the first time after many years, and he has a bright happy smile on his face!

This and similar stories have been so encouraging to all of us! And still there are many challenges. Most of all in helping to train and teach our young Khmer doctors and nurses, in helping to improve structures and systems, and in building up the Surgical Department. Many of the new staff leave after a while seeking other opportunities or because of family. But we have a core of committed staff, and our three Khmer medical interns are now taking care of most of the patients under our supervision. We are now looking to hire a fourth one soon.

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