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How does China’s unparalleled urbanization in the last 30 years affect the real and felt needs of individuals and communities right now? What population of a given people group live in a particular region and how are they distinguished (or not) from other people groups living in the same area? How does the worldview in Japan affect the way a Japanese person reads the Bible? What is the state of the church in Thailand today? What are the biggest missiological questions facing Asia today and how will these challenges impact the church 10 years from now?

These are some of the important questions to consider when building strategies and teams in the mission field. OMF International works in diverse ways to learn and grow in understanding of these challenges and issues for the sake of more effective ministries. You may work as a full-time researcher focusing on particular countries, peoples, trends, or issues. All OMF International workers are encouraged to think through issues and challenges in their daily ministry and further research and record their observations and findings. Many members take time away from their main work to do advanced studies and research. Regular consultations are organized to connect OMF research leaders with other experts who can provide new and unique perspectives on these questions.

Has God gifted and prepared you to join this strategic work? We have full-time, part-time, short and long term, and volunteer roles for research and ethnographic work. There are also roles for those who serve primarily in other ministries and work on their research separately.

If you have the desire to serve East Asia through this ministry, contact us to share your vision and explore opportunities.

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