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Mobilization takes many different forms, and involves people with varied gifts and abilities. The objective is the same – help people become purposefully involved in what God is doing in the world.” But the ways we do that vary.

Some OMF mobilizers are part of a ministry based in their home country. They may be full-time, part-time or volunteers. Mobilizers may serve as advocates for specific unreached people groups or ministry needs. They may serve a local church by helping it think through its own mission involvement from a biblical and strategic standpoint. Mobilizers often come alongside people and journey with them as they think through their life direction – similar to journeying together in discipleship. In many cases mobilizers are primarily involved in one-to-one conversations in person, on the phone, an online call or email. Sometimes the roles mean public presentations to groups ranging from a small group bible study to a Sunday School class to speaking in a church or a conference. These are just some of the examples of mobilization ministry in a “home” or “sending center” context.

We also have mobilizers serving as part of our field ministries. In some cases they work to mobilize for field’s particular ministry by building awareness of the needs, serving as a resource for inquirers and other OMF mobilizers and helping field leaders and members think through and plan their mobilization efforts. In some cases mobilizers work as part of a field ministry team, working with others to mobilize local believers in a country to engage with unreached peoples within that country.

In OMF International we often talk about “joining God in his work in the world through the six ways of mission.” In other words, we see at least six ways that God’s people can join him in reaching God’s world, only one of which involves going to another land to serve cross-culturally. All six of these avenues of involvement call for whole-hearted commitment to the Lord and his purposes, even if one is not going to another country to serve cross-culturally.

1) PRAY: Commit to pray for a specific missionary, ministry, or people group. (II Thessalonians 3:1.)

2) SEND: Missionaries do not just go overseas: God’s people send them. Intentionally send missionaries through encouragement, logistical support, and financial giving. (Romans 10:15.)

3) WELCOME: God can use you in cross-cultural ministry in your city right now. Find a local English / foreign language class or international group to serve. (I Kings 8:41-43.)

4) GO: Give God freedom to place you overseas for as long as he chooses. (Luke 4:43.)

5) MOBILIZE: Mobilization is drawing others into the work of building God’s church. Share the vision God has given you with people you know. (Luke 10:2.)

6) LEARN: Explore and study what God has stirred up in your heart. Equip yourself to be fully successful in the missions ministries God gives you. Take a class or read a book to strengthen your ministry.

If you have the desire to serve East Asia through this ministry, contact us to share your vision and explore opportunities.

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