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Are you serving God as a professional in your home country by reaching out to non-believers in your workplace and home? Do you long to see other professionals come to know the Lord Jesus? Would you move to an East Asia country to do the same there?  At OMF International we share this dream, and desire to use our professions in a cross-cultural context to reach other professionals, also known as white-collar workers involved in administrative and mental work. This includes office workers, educators, researchers, and professionals in the medical, financial, legal, public service fields, and more.

Outreach to non-believers in the workplace is one of our key strategies in pursuing our vision and mission in East Asia. In both open and creative-access countries, cities are brimming with opportunities in sectors such as education, research, business, IT, medicine and others. Many professionals in these secular work environments have open, inquisitive hearts and are ready to hear the gospel and engage in meaningful discussions. There are also Christian returnees who are now back in their home countries and beginning their work lives.

OMF International is committed to making disciples through being Christian witnesses in the workplace. An essential part of this witness is our commitment to integrity and ethical living, even in high-pressure business situations. We focus on group discipleship approaches, seeking to reach non-believers, helping new believers work out what it means to live for Christ in their professions and equipping believers to disciple others.

We seek workers who have:
•    A deep love for God and a heart to love and serve.
•    A deep knowledge of the Bible.
•    The ability to share their faith and disciple others.
•    A willingness to learn the local language, understand and appreciate the local culture.
•    The qualifications and skills necessary to do a good job in their chosen profession.
•    Ideally some years of professional experience.
•    Experience of sharing Christ in your workplace.
•    The commitment to work with ethical integrity and professionalism.
•    A flexible, adaptable and teachable attitude.
•    Previous cross-cultural experience would be an advantage.
•    Some formal Bible training or the equivalent knowledge and experience.

Certain countries require missionaries to spend one to two years in Christian ministry.

If you have a desire to reach your professional peers and share with them the love of Christ, contact us.

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