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Our vision at OMF is to see movements of churches alive and vibrant in every people group in East Asia. This picture we work towards is compelling, but the challenges are just as steep. How long should it take to see a church movement like this start and grow to self-sustaining levels? We work and pray that God would move quickly in each people group, but we know that in many cases this is a very long road.

For most missionaries, the first challenge is learning enough of the language and culture to communicate effectively. This is not just getting the survival ability to get basic life logistics arranged, but to share truth in an appropriate way within the worldview of the listeners. Many of the languages we work in take two years of full time study just to get started and many more years to get really competent in using.

Once the communication is working, this is just the beginning of finding a place a welcomed place in the community and starting to build relationships with real trust. How long does it take for God’s word to change every part of people’s work, relationships, and service? As individuals and families put their trust in God and form into the first church, how long does it take for that church to multiply? Is 10 years long enough? Is 20 years enough time?

Where God chooses to move quickly, we rejoice. Where He gives us work that takes teams of people working over many years, we set our commitment to the long term work.

We are looking for people who:

– Have a desire to see individuals and communities transformed by the power of the gospel

– Are servant-hearted, flexible and have skills related to evangelism, discipleship, and church planting

– Are committed to work with others to build up the church for effective service

– Preferably have cross-cultural experience

– Are willing to learn new skills, languages and persevere with a long-term view

– Have one to two years of bible school training with cross-cultural or missions studies

If you sense God leading you to serve East Asia long term, look below to find out more about the vast opportunities.

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