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What is the Serve Asia Programme?

Serve Asia is OMF’s short term missions programme for those who want to serve East Asia’s peoples for up to 12 months. With a focus on mission discipleship it is designed to equip and encourage you, and your sending community, to find your place in all that God is doing in East Asia and beyond. Each year more than 800 short-term workers from 25 different countries participate in Serve Asia, serving in many different roles across 17 East Asian countries. More information on the different short-term mission opportunities available through Serve Asia can be found below.


To mobilise, disciple, and equip Serve Asia workers and their communities for sharing the Good News to East Asia’s peoples.


We will see purposeful involvement in the lives of Serve Asia participants contributing to the global Kingdom of God.

What mission trip opportunities does Serve Asia offer?

Below are just some of the popular mission trips available through the Serve Asia programme, click on any of the categories to view existing opportunities in your chosen ministry area. Alternatively you can browse all the short-term mission opportunities available through Serve Asia by visiting the OMF Opportunities website.

Two students in China
Shape future leaders by getting involved with campus work, sharing Christ and helping to disciples students.
Two women praying together in East Asia
Be part of a prayer team interceding for breakthrough in tearing down spiritual strongholds across East Asia.
Group of boys playing football
On a football or basketball mission trip play with teams who use sports projects to serve and reach the community .
Short term worker plays with kids
Use your gifts in children’s ministry at community outreach clubs or to support OMF families at conferences.
Student translates english on board
Contribute to existing community and relationship development projects on an English teaching mission trip.
Dentist on medical mission trip
Build relationships & serve the community while providing healthcare on a christian medical mission trip.
Advance God’s Kingdom by using your gifts and abilities in media & technology to serve God’s people in mission.
Intern with kids in Taiwan
Missionary internships allow you to develop transferable skills for your future career & experience mission life.

Where can I go?

Serve Asia placements are available in 17 different East Asian countries where OMF has long-term workers. You can browse current Serve Asia opportunities by location on the OMF Opportunities website.

When can I go and for how long?

The Serve Asia programme runs all year around. You can serve for anything from 1 week to 12 months alongside OMF’s long-term workers in East Asia. Some of the Serve Asia opportunities listed online have set dates, while others are more flexible and can be arranged to suit both you and the host country.

1 or 2 week mission trips are popular with those who want to use their vacation or summer break. Although only in the field for a short time Serve Asia workers can be involved in many ways, working towards growing God’s church in Asia.

For those looking to go on a more long-term mission trip we have lots of opportunities available. We will do our best to find a place where you can serve in a ministry using your specific skills and gifts to meet a need in the field. By going for 6 weeks to 12 months it gives you an opportunity to be immersed in, and learn about, the culture and language. You will also receive spiritual & personal support and mentoring from an OMF missionary.

Which trip is right for me? How do I choose?

If you are unsure which placement is right for you the Serve Asia Coordinator in your home country can help you to prayerfully consider how your gifts and skills could be used on the mission field and help to match this to current short term mission opportunities in East Asia. You can get in touch with your nearest OMF centre using the OMF International Contact Form.

How does the application process work?

If you are interested in applying for one of the Serve Asia mission trips listed online, please register with the OMF Opportunities website. Answering these few quick questions helps us to connect you with your local OMF team. Once you have created an account it enables you to submit an inquiry about the opportunity which interests you.

After you submit an inquiry the Serve Asia Coordinator in your home country will contact you and ask you to complete a set of application forms. Once these have been reviewed you will meet a local OMF representative for an interview. After the interview your coordinator will let you know whether you have been accepted onto the Serve Asia programme.

In some cases, people may be denied because of medical issues, personal issues, poor fit with the ministry or issues regarding emotional, mental or spiritual health. The wellbeing of both the applicant and the long-term ministry are paramount to us as we thoroughly screen each application.

Once your application has been accepted you will be invited to attend a training day or weekend in your home country to help you to prepare for your mission trip. Resources, including mission trip devotions, can also be found on the Preparing to Serve page to help you prepare spiritually and practically for your Serve Asia trip.

What will it cost?

The cost of a Serve Asia trip will vary depending on your home country and host country. Most trips will cost (USD) between $2,500 and $4,500. However more detailed costs will be provided by the Serve Asia Coordinator in your home country when enquiring about a specific mission trip. The Preparing to Serve page also gives advice on fundraising for mission trips.

Does Serve Asia offer group mission trips?

Serve Asia regularly partners with churches, bible colleges, seminaries and schools to send teams to East Asia. We want to support and serve churches and other sending communities as they find ways to be more strategically involved in reaching East Asia’s peoples as well as aim to spur their members into deeper areas of discipleship.

To find out more about group mission trips please get in touch with your nearest OMF centre using the OMF International Contact Form.

The term discipleship doesn’t appear in the bible.
What do we mean by it?

By mission discipleship we mean that we hope to walk alongside each Serve Asia worker as they try to discern where and how they fit into God’s mission.

Before the great revelation (Revelation 7:9), before the great commission (Matthew 8:28), was something Jesus so simply asked of his disciples – “Follow me.” For three years the disciples walked, talked, ate, slept, witnessed miracles, cast out demons, and more as they followed Jesus. Through their following they learned. Through their following they were equipped. Through their following their commitment grew – so much so that when Jesus gave the great commission, their hearts were fully engaged and committed to what this all would mean in their lives henceforth.

Serve Asia is not just about the “doing”.

At Serve Asia we don’t just focus on going to the mission field and “doing” something. It’s all about learning and finding out more about what is at the centre of God’s heart. It’s about learning more about what it means to follow God, even if this is to hard places. Serve Asia, as OMF’s short-term missions programme is therefore not just about the short-term, it’s about gaining long-term vision and being part of that.

Upon returning home, we are committed to helping each Serve Asia worker to integrate and process their experiences as well as walk with them as God leads them into further involvement in mission whether it be by praying, going, sending, learning, mobilising, or welcoming East Asians.

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