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Chinese Language Teacher in South Thailand

Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language in Southern Thailand.
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Job Description

Most of our neighbors have never met a follower of Jesus.

Over the last few years there has been an unprecedented local demand for teachers qualified to teach foreign languages. In addition to English and Chinese, there is also demand for Korean, Malay, Japanese and other languages. Southern Thailand is well placed to benefit from greater regional integration. These present many opportunities, one of which is placing teachers in local universities, colleges and schools, both private and government run.

You will contribute to the vision and mission of the team by living and working among our beloved people in culturally appropriate ways. With this foundation you will be involved in helping them understand more about Jesus.

The region is known for its plurality with multiple ethnic groups, cultures, religions and languages co-existing in the region.


It is recommended that those planning to teach in primary or high schools have previous teaching experience. Teachers in Government schools will have to follow a language-learning and culture orientation program tailor-made for teachers.


Most importantly come willing to learn from others, able to adapt to a new culture and be flexible and have a servant heart. However, teaching qualifications (eg. TESOL), BA degree preferably in education, teaching experience are all advantages, but not always necessary.

With each placement language and culture learning is of great importance as language is a priority and need for our work.

Native-speakers with teaching experience and qualifications will find it easiest to get placement. Those without necessarily qualification (such as a one-month TESOL course) can integrate this into their first years’ goals. All teaching jobs are paid positions.

Living Situations

The applicant should be prepared to live an appropriate lifestyle within the community in which they will live. Among other things, this relates to dressing modestly, and being sensitive to the dietary restrictions of our neighbors. This is very helpful as this would build bridges with your neighbours and friends. In the local culture it is important that the men relate to the men and the women relate to the women.

We are a diverse team from different cultures.

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