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Cambodia – Minority (Brao) Church Work

Cambodia – Minority (Brao) Church Work

Impact an unreached minority people group in Northeast Cambodia with the gospel.
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Job Description

Are you passionate about the Gospel of Christ? Imagine reaching a minority population in Cambodia who have not had a chance to hear and respond to the gospel. We are looking for people with a desire to reach the unreached – the 80,000 Brao in Cambodia and Laos who are still waiting to hear.

We do wholistic ministry as a team (not necessarily as individuals) with the overall goal of planting multiple churches among the Brao people group. In addition to our church work, the team has been involved in ministries of mercy, assisting the sick and marginalized poor to find in God a gracious and merciful provider. We also work with the local church to record a daily radio broadcast and do youth group ministry.

Our ministry setting is rural and based within the emerging 7-8 Krung/Brao village churches. We seek to do relational disciple-making with individual believers and strengthen local house churches through Bible teaching. Evangelistic outreach is mostly in partnership with churches. Some possibilities include: Bible teaching, relational discipleship, church leader training, youth group ministry, children’s ministry, Christian radio, student hostels, English teaching, community health education, agriculture training, and adult literacy.

  • Prayer for the Brao people group. This includes mobilizing others to pray, such as home churches and prayer partners.
  • Equip believers to study, obey and teach the Bible and to make new disciples.
  • Assist believers to establish new churches.
  • Train and develop church leaders in multiple villages (the team is working with churches in multiple areas simultaneously).
  • A deep and growing love for God.
  • A desire to serve the Cambodian people.
  • Ability to share your faith and disciple others.
  • A pioneering spirit.
  • Ability to learn and speak the Khmer language.
  • Learning Krung/Brao language is not essential as ministry can be done in Khmer. But, one will probably want to learn Krung/Brao language to do long-term, adult ministry.
  • Willingness to learn, understand and appreciate the local culture.
  • Willingness to work in a small team, often of different nationalities.
Living Situations
  • One year full time of cultural orientation and language study then continued language study part time. One needs to reach fluency in the Khmer language first. Then for long-term ministry one will probably want to learn the Brao/Krung language as well.
  • Must adopt a simple lifestyle in keeping with a Cambodian person of teacher status.
  • Living in provincial locations requires a high tolerance for difficult circumstances, such as unstable electricity, lack of quick internet access, difficult roads, and inadequate medical facilities.
  • Ability to be adaptable in a ministry context which may lack resources and present significant spiritual, emotional and cultural challenges.
  • Ability to train, teach and mentor others.
  • Parents must be willing to home-school their children, or use hostel/boarding schooling options.
  • This is not a salaried position; you will need to trust the Lord for personal support.

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