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Only God

by Guy and Deb Davidson

Only God can lead us in middle age to a place we’ve never been before to serve Him in a position we’ve never had before. Guy and I have been living in the Philippines for a few years now and serving as Guest House/Conference Center Mangers with OMF. We’ve lived on the beautiful tropical Island of Mindoro in the North and now live in the bustling city of Davao in the Southern Philippines.

What would possess us to leave our family, a high paying job and comfortable existence in Aussie suburbia for the craziness of life here in the beautiful Philippines? The answer is, ‘Only God!’ Only God can make a way and put a call on our lives so strong that we just had to obey. Of course there were choices; we could have pretended we didn’t hear him. We could have said no.

Our ministry includes care and upkeep of a building that will one day fall down, disintegrate and be forgotten. That is not the main thrust of the ministry though. We provide a place for people to be cared for, ministered to, and encouraged in their walk with God and last but not least, a place to physically rest. It may only be for a night, a few days, a week or a few months. Our guests come from within the Philippines and countries scattered around the world. In amongst the upkeep of the earthly building we are caring for the ‘Living Stones’ in God’s church. That building will last for eternity!

One room of our big house is the Conference room. It is used for prayer meetings, general business meetings and training. This is the place where skills are honed; we come before the King of Kings in prayer and join together in Fellowship. An ordinary Conference room with multi functions as you can see.

To say it’s been an easy road would be a lie. There have been great challenges but the rewards are out of this world!

Guy and Deb Davidson had two terms as the managers of two OMF guest houses in the Philippines

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