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On Home Assignment in 2022

We arrived back in Switzerland this spring. For the past 10 years we have only been able to take very short home assignments because of our children’s education. Now that they have left school, its great to be able to take a full year this time.  We are enjoying catching up with friends and speaking in different churches about Japan and our work there.   It’s always a joy to preach, but since little quality time is possible on a Sunday, we love to invite friends over to our house or go to visit them at their homes. Of course we like to share about Japan, but we also enjoy hearing about the joys that our friends are experiencing in their lives and the challenges they are facing. As we share a meal and our stories together, we often feel God`s wonderful presence with us.

I would love to do more mission presentations in churches, but I am usually asked for a regular sermon rather than something like a “missions evening”. So I always try to share a story from Japan in my message and challenge people to be involved in mission. For example, when I preached at Pentecost it was very natural to challenge the congregation about the worldwide mission field by pointing out how the Holy Spirit changed the disciples’ narrow vision (for the Jews in Israel) to the Great Commission (to go to the ends of the earth). And of course, from the standpoint of Switzerland, Japan is indeed at the end of the earth. So I took this opportunity to share about the needs in Japan as well.

Over New Year we will hold the Praise Camp in Switzerland. This is the biggest Christian youth event in the country, with more than 7000 attending. I am so excited that for the first time we will be able to have an OMF mission table at this conference. I am looking forward to what God will do and how he will use me there. My prayer is that God will touch many hearts and that we will have lots of Spirit-led fellowship at the OMF table.

We feel that the awareness and passion of Christians for mission in Switzerland needs to be rekindled. Only the Holy Spirit can do this as each of us gives room to Him to work in our hearts. We are grateful that we have already been able to strengthen many existing partnerships. But would you pray with us that during this year back in Switzerland we will see God raising up many more people with a passion for the gospel to reach the ends of the earth? Thank you for praying!

By Matthias, an OMF missionary

#OMFJapan #PrayforJapan

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