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What is an OMF Friend?

Emba teaches English in Japan. She’s not Japanese, nor is she a typical missionary, but she has a desire to see Christ known in this land.

Actually she has an advantage over many missionaries—she works full-time among many non-Christian Japanese people in an elementary school. 

Emba serves regularly in an OMF related church, networks with missionaries, and is mobilizing a short term team from her home church in the U.S. to come next summer. To address issues of depression and bullying, she has met with government officials. When her full-time job of teaching English in the elementary school allows, she studies the Bible with contacts and spends time with non-Christian friends. Emba writes regular prayer letters to those at home who pray for and help support her.

There are many Christians in Japan like Emba. In the Greater Tokyo area (also called “Kanto”), OMF is seeking to be an encouragement to them, to engage them, and help them in the work God’s called them to.

We call people like Emba, “OMF Friends.” These are committed, vibrant Christians who are working full- or part-time in Japan and have a heart for reaching out to Japanese. They have a missionary heart without the official missionary label. For a variety of reasons, God has lead them to be “tentmakers” here in Japan and they want to use that avenue to build God’s Kingdom.

Recently Emba has even recommended others to join as OMF Friends. By becoming OMF Friends, they will find fellowship and encouragement with other Friends, as well as OMF missionaries, at regular meetings with others who are also tentmakers.* They can also come to the monthly OMF prayer meetings and, if they can get time off work, can come to our OMF Japan field conference.

Praise God for this relatively new initiative of OMF—partnering with those who aren’t OMF members, but have the same heart for the Japanese people. Praise God for the encouragement and support they bring to the local Japanese churches where they serve. 

Our 2020 Pray Goal is for 200 new workers, 50 of these being short term workers or Friends. So pray with us for more Friends. The Japan Field would agree that you can never have too many Friends. 

By Susan, an OMF missionary

* If you’d like to know more about becoming an official Friend with OMF Japan, please contact us here.

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray for wisdom about how best to network with OMF Friends.
  • Pray for more to join OMF Japan as Friends.
  • Pray for those who take on the challenge of working as tentmakers in Japan. Japanese employers demand a lot of their time and it can be exhausting.

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